My boyfriend blew £8k on his OnlyFans addiction just days after I’d given birth – I missed all the red flags 0 159

A MUM has revealed that her boyfriend spent over £8k on an “OnlyFans addiction” four weeks after she gave birth to their baby.

Kelsey, 28, a healthcare worker, revealed the news on TikTok claiming that her partner became “addicted” to the adult site. 

Jam PressKelsey claims that her partner wasted thousands on OnlyFans and sex workers[/caption] Jam PressShe said should’ve seen the red flags[/caption]

She claims he maxed out his credit cards in order to watch porn and speak privately to sex workers.

Kelsey, who is from the US said she grew wary of her partner after he began making throwaway comments about OnlyFans.

She said he would say “it’s stupid” but now admits that she should seen that as a red flag. 

However, she looked through his phone after he had left it in their children’s nursery room, and discovered what he had been up to. 

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She said: “People will generally tell on themselves like that.

“I was up feeding our child one night when he was about four weeks old, and my partner had left his phone in the nursery. 

“I found a saved WhatsApp conversation in his files app, along with some pictures. 

“I guess he’d been talking to this same sex worker and buying her content of many videos for years. 

Jam PressKelsey said she saw a big payment made in December of over £3k[/caption] Jam PressKelsey says the pair are still together and he has gone to get therapy[/caption]

“I woke him up and confronted him immediately and from there, more information came out throughout the day.”

She claims he maxed out his £8k high-interest credit card and saw that he made a big chunk payment of £3,325 back in December.

She added: “I’d caught him looking at stuff before on Reddit but when he said he stopped and never did anything on OnlyFans or otherwise, I believed him.” 

At first, Kelsey was devastated but she was determined to get him help.

She said he found a therapist” and they put “screen time controls on his phone”.

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Kelsey also says he has to show her his bank statements.

She added: “He’s also trying to find a new job where he won’t have to travel so much because being apart definitely doesn’t help the problem.”

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