Braunwyn Windham-Burke is ‘heartbroken’ over shock split from girlfriend Victoria Brito who ‘denies cheating rumors’ 0 146

RHOC alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke is ‘heartbroken’ over her shock split from girlfriend Victoria Brito – who has allegedly denied being unfaithful amid rumors. 

The 44-year-old star, who has a unique living situation with estranged husband Sean Burke after coming out as gay in 2020, had been dating the beauty for almost nine months.

The star and girlfriend Victoria Brito have broken up after almost nine months together Braunwyn has been left heartbroken by the split but is focused on her sobriety

TMZ broke the news of their split, and the former Bravo star says she is heartbroken as she’s comforted by family, while it appears Victoria may have already moved on.

After Braunwyn revealed on Instagram that Victoria was in Mexico on a trip this week, a follower replied: “Yes we saw her in Tulum with her new model love affair [fire emojis]. So cool you guys are so open!”

The Sun has reached out to Braunwyn’s rep who declined to comment on the cheating rumors.

But a source revealed the star is aware of the comment on her account and has confronted Victoria, saying: “She denied being unfaithful.”



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Victoria also took to her Instagram Story on Friday to reveal her pal Sabrina, who is in LA with her at the moment, is a long-time friend.

She told followers: “Do not come for Sabrina, aka my wife, but she’s not my wife. F***ing relax people, Jesus.”

The model added: “Bro unless you hear it from the horse’s mouth…”

An insider told The Sun: “Braunwyn is saddened about the loss of her first long term lesbian relationship since coming out.

“It’s hitting her hard, but she’s taking her sobriety and blessings in stride.”

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The Sun has also reached out to Victoria, but did not hear back.

Braunwyn, who had just moved into a new apartment in New York with Victoria as she splits her time between the city and Newport Beach in California, took to her Instagram Story on Friday.

She addressed the split by telling fans: “My heart is just broken.

“The breakup with me and Vic, it’s hard. It’s hard…. This was like my first longterm female relationship that just threw me for a loop. It’s normal.”

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The former reality star – who shares Bella, 21, Rowan, 20, Jacob, 16, twins Caden and Curran, nine, Koa, seven, and Hazel, four, with Sean – previously revealed she was having a “hard time” this week.

“When I got sober, I thought, ‘Okay, now I’m not gonna drink and everything is gonna be easy.’ I did not realize the s*** that was coming my way,” she said.

“Every time I think it can’t get worse, it does,” she added. “When does this end? I do have these moments like, ‘I didn’t get sober for this to be so hard.’ “

A source also told People after the breakup that the busy mom-of-seven is staying focused on her children and her sobriety. 

“Her priorities are in the right place” the insider said. “She’s not allowing the stress of the breakup to affect her sobriety at all.

“She’s remaining present in her sobriety and being the best mom she can be for her children.”


In a previous bombshell exclusive interview with The Sun, Braunwyn gushed about her lover, a designer and influencer, and their very spicy sex life.

“The physical part of it is amazing. I’m not gonna to lie, the sex is next level,” she spilled. “I hope every woman gets to experience this at least once in their life, what I’ve been experiencing lately.”

She revealed: “I had a 15 minute orgasm, 15 minutes! I didn’t know that could happen. And my sex life with Sean was great. He had skills, he was good at what he did. 

“She gives it to me in little doses. She’s like, ‘If I did it all at once, you might die.’ We have sex 10 times a day. That’s not normal. 

“And I didn’t think I was a sexual person. Now I’m like, ‘Let’s not leave the bed for the next three days’ I never thought I would be that person, I’m 44 and I’m like a 15 year old boy.”

“I look at her and I get turned on, it’s hilarious. I mean, even I have to like laugh at myself.”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke


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She added that the connection with Victoria was “easy” and she loved waking up in the morning and staring at the blonde beauty during their intimate moments. 

“I’m just so grateful and so thankful that I get to have this second chance at life, to fall in love with a woman,” she said.

Braunwyn allegedly confronted Victoria and she denied being unfaithful to the star News of the shock split comes as a fan claimed to have seen Victoria with a model Braunwyn is yet to formally divorce her husband Sean Burke

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