I’m a sexpert who ‘radically transformed’ thousands of sex lives – the secret most men don’t think of in the bedroom 0 245

A SEXPERT who has helped thousands of men “radically transform” their sex lives has revealed that everyone has the capacity to become an Adonis between the sheets.

Rebecca Lowrie has helped thousands of men “unblock” whatever was stopping them from reaching their potential in the bedroom over the past 16 years.

Rebecca LowrieSexpert Rebecca Lowrie says she has helped thousands of men ‘radically transform’ their sex lives[/caption] Rebecca Lowrie‘Most sexual issues aren’t to do with sex at all,’ said Lowrie[/caption]

The 56-year-old, who is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, has trained in everything from psychology to Urban Tantra during her career.

And she has revealed that the secret to being a sex god often has very little to do with sex.

She explained: “Your sex life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It sits within the context of your life. Most sexual issues aren’t to do with sex at all.

“They are to do with shame, societal conditioning, what someone said to you in the past that you’ve internalized, etc.

“There is a lot of stuff going on besides the sexual issue most of the time.”

Rebecca revealed that while every person she speaks to is unique – there are several practices that she teaches many of her clients to help them transform whatever is tormenting them.

She said one of the key ones is getting people to “fall in love with themselves”.

“But not in an arrogant way that’s just ego,” she explained.

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“I want them to fall in love with their true souls. To know that they are enough just as they are.  

“To know that they have been deeply held right through to their core including their sexual self, that they are loved and accepted and they can embrace all of who they are and choose to share it.”

She also teaches many of her clients to “expand their idea of what sex is”.

“If your idea is that sex is linear and there’s a beginning middle and end then you are really limiting yourself.

“There may or may not be penetration. There might be multiple orgasms.  

“Expanding ideas of what sex is will really make you be a better lover and help you have more pleasure.”

Honing intuition was next up on her list which she described as getting in touch with your senses.

“There are many more senses than the five senses were taught about,” she explained.

“There is a sense of time, temperature, sexual energy, arousal.

“You need to start to hone those and listen to them and hear them in your body and pick them up in another person’s body.  

“There is a lot of what would seem subtle energy which is actually mind-bogglingly powerful.  

“When you hone this to hear those things then the world is your oyster. You can share orgasms and all sorts of things.”

Rebecca’s next recommendation was to expand self-awareness so that people know themselves “inside and out”.  

She said that people need to know “what brings you joy, triggers you, feel your emotions and process emotions”.

“It’s about knowing yourself as deeply as possible.  

“If you don’t know yourself and you come into an intimate situation you can only bring what you’ve got.  

“If you only know yourself on the surface you can only bring skin-deep experiences. You need to know who you are warts and all.  

“This includes the hurt parts and the wounded parts, not just the good parts. If you can’t bring that in then you can’t have a level of deep intimacy.

“If a person can only bring 30% and another person can do the same you’ve only got 60%. You want to aim for 200%.

Last up was acceptance which Rebecca said is key to becoming a great lover.

She said that “having muscles doesn’t have any impact on what kind of lover you are”.

“Loving yourself as you are and being fully present in the space as well as your own body is more important,” she said.

“Being able to communicate truthfully, honestly and candidly. Communication is absolutely key to being a great lover.  

“A lot of men are conditioned out of expressing their feelings. It’s not natural and it creates a contraction which is like shutting a door and you can’t just choose which things you feel and which you don’t.

“If you shut the door and can’t feel then you can’t feel what your partner feels.”

She says that during her career she has helped thousands of men open up and become better lovers.

And the benefits extend beyond their love lives, to every aspect of their lives, she said.

“Clients tell me their whole entire lives change once they access and embrace their whole sexual self,” she said.

“They find a whole new life, sexuality has become an integral part of who they are and how they experience themselves.  

“They are talking about sex and pleasure suddenly on a whole different level.  

“They have not just learned how to have sex better but live their lives more fully.  

“And when they feel more alive in their bodies it helps them experience more pleasure, deeper intimacy, and a richer life.”

One of the more bizarre ways some people have used to unlock their sex lives is vaping, according to the firm Yocan Vaporizer.

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A spokesman said that while completely unproven, it seemed to work for some people.

They added: “I suppose it is all about relaxing and letting go. Some people find vaping helps them do that, others don’t. It’s each to their own.”

Rebecca LowrieLowrie believes that communication is an important aspect of a sexual relationship[/caption] Rebecca Lowrie‘If you shut the door and can’t feel then you can’t feel what your partner feels,’ she said[/caption]

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