I’m a private investigator and here’s how to tell if your partner is cheating on you 0 197

A PRIVATE investigator has revealed some of the signs that your partner may be cheating on you.

Ali Marsh has uncovered numerous cheating spouses in her four years as a PI, and she’s also helped find missing people, and get people the money they’ve owed.

AlamyPrivate investigator Ali Marsh has uncovered countless affairs[/caption]

Ali recently spoke to The Mirror about her career and the ways you can spot a cheating partner. 

“One of my earliest cases was a man who thought his wife had started acting coldly towards him,” she says, “every Wednesday night she would go out and come home a lot happier, so he suspected she was cheating on him.”

Ali says she quickly noticed that their next door neighbour was leaving and going out at the same time as the wife, she followed them and uncovered their affair.

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According to Ali, she usually uncovers the infidelity quite quickly, the longest it took her being three weeks.

She says she recently helped one woman discover her husband’s affair, and made another shocking discovery about him too.

She explains: “It turned out he was having multiple affairs, but in the course of investigating I discovered he’d started up a company in secret.”

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Ali’s signs that your partner may be cheating are:

  • Changes to their appearance and wardrobe – this can be a sign that they’ve met someone new, as this can feel like a “fresh beginning.”
  • A change in routine – If your partner is suddenly staying late at work when the never did before, or going out when they wouldn’t before, this may be a sign that they are being unfaithful.
  • Suddenly becoming gym-focused – If they’ve been a couch potato your entire relationship and suddenly start regularly attending the gym, it may be time to start being a bit suspicious.
  • Receiving phone calls and leaving the room to take them. This may be something of an obvious one, that we’ve all seen in the movies, but nevertheless it’s worth making note of
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