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WHEN things get a little hot and heavy, either on a date night with yourself or on a romantic couples getaway, dryness can really dampen the mood.

The best flavoured lube can change all of that by making things a little wetter, bringing a whole new dimension to a steamy session.

Lubes can help heighten your sexual experiences in many different ways: they can make sex toy sessions — both vaginal and anal — more exciting, and comfortable, for all sexes.

They can also help with any vaginal dryness during penetrative sex or masturbation sessions, and with anal tightness, if you’re trying your hands at anal beads, dildos, pegging or anal sex.

Flavoured lube takes it one step further, too, making oral sex taste and feel even better.

If you’re new to lube, it’s okay to feel pretty overwhelmed by the options on offer. There’s not much to watch out for, except that you should always opt for a water-based lube, and perhaps a dedicated anal lube for comfort as these often have extra cushiony ‘relaxation’ qualities.

If you’re using lube with a sex toy, make sure your sex toy is clean and fresh to prevent any nasty bacteria build-ups, both before and after playtime.

We’ve done the hard work for you and trawled through the best and most reputable sexual wellness sites to bring you our picks of the best flavoured lubes on the market right now.

The most important thing is to lie back, relax and enjoy the ride. Warning, you might get wet…

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Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lubricant


  • Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lubricant, 100ml, £7.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Let’s admit it, birthday sex is a thing, and no birthday is complete without a good bit of rough-and-tumble in the sheets.

This lube from sex toy giant Lovehoney brings a whole new meaning to having your cake and eating it as it boasts a delectable birthday cake flavour.

This birthday treat is deliciously flavoured to help you add the cherry on top to oral sex with your lover. It’s sweet and long-lasting, as well as water-based for frictionless playtime.

All you need now is to get into your birthday suit. Happy birthday to you-OOOOH!


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Skins Passion Fruit and Mango Lube

ann summers

  • Skins Passion Fruit and Mango Lube, 130ml, £12 from Ann Summers – buy here

Fancy a trip to the depths of the tropical when things are getting a little fruity?

This tropical fruit water-based lube from renowned sexual wellness brand Skins comes in juicy passionfruit and mango flavour and is available from Ann Summers.

It’s ideal for sweetening up your oral sex sessions, and the all-natural ingredients are sugar-free.

This well-rated lube is also perfect for when you’ve had your fill of fruity starters, and are ready for the main (inter)course.

Skins’ fruity offering also boasts ReAquav8 technology, meaning a few drops of water reactivates the lube, making a little go a long way.

Lovehoney Caramel Latte Lubricant


  • Lovehoney Caramel Latte Lubricant, 100ml, £7.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Fancy yourself a coffee addict? You’ll soon find yourself gasping for more with this sugar-sweet caramel latte-flavoured lube.

This indulgent lube is vegan-friendly and water-based and delicious for both oral and penetrative sex. It’s safe to use with toys, too.

The creamy flavoured lube won’t stain your bedsheets either, as it’s totally clear — just drizzle it on your or your partner’s sweet spots and enjoy the caffeine-like kick. We’ll have one to go.

System JO Gelato White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lubricant


  • System JO Gelato White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lubricant, 30ml, £6.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Chocaholics, scream for joy — this indulgent lube from System Jo is white chocolate raspberry truffle flavoured.

This delectable water-based lube is creamy and luxurious, with sweet-talking reviews claiming that it doesn’t go dry and tacky.

What’s more is that this miniature box of chocolates is 30ml, meaning it’s travel-sized — but don’t be put off, as users say a little goes a long way.

Ideal for solo or couple’s play, tasty oral sex, and use with silicone-based toys, this lube is better than a box of chocolates. It might last longer than a box of chocolates, too (you won’t, though).

Candy Floss Lickable Flavoured Lube

ann summers

  • Candy Floss Lickable Flavoured Lube, 100ml, £8 from Ann Summers – buy here

Put the ‘fun’ in ‘funfair’ with this sugar-sweet, candyfloss-flavoured Lickable lube, available from Ann Summers.

The vegan-friendly lube is made using 95% natural ingredients and is totally sugar-free.

It’s water-based for frictionless intercourse and tastes deliciously sweet for oral fun. It’s condom compatible, too.

Strap in (or on, we could say) and ride the rollercoaster of love.

Lovehoney Gingerbread Flavoured Lubricant


  • Lovehoney Gingerbread Flavoured Lubricant, 100ml, £7.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Gingerbread latte lover, or want sugar, spice and all things nice for Christmas loving? Look no further than this gingerbread-flavoured lube from Lovehoney.

This well-rated lube is water-based for safe, frictionless fun during oral sex, penetrative play and spicy sex-toy sessions.

It’s vegan-friendly, too, and packed with vanilla for a tasty treat. Go on, have a bite.

Luxuria Choconut Flavoured Warming Massage and Stimulating Gel


  • Luxuria Choconut Flavoured Warming Massage and Stimulating Gel, 100ml, £12.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

This flavoured tasty treat from Luxuria is a lube with a difference: it boasts both warming and stimulating qualities.

This gel-like lube is water-based and has warming qualities, making it ideal for massaging into your lover’s skin, to help turn the heat up on your pre-game.

Then, when drizzled onto your lover’s intimate areas, this edible lube is stimulating for more heady pleasure, and it tastes of sumptuous chocolate and hazelnut, meaning it won’t stay on for long. Go nuts.

Doc Johnson Good Head Flavoured Lubricant


  • Doc Johnson Good Head Flavoured Lubricant, 5 x 28ml, £12.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Feeling fruity but don’t know what to bite into first? Doc Johnson’s five-pack gives you a whole range of tasty treats to choose from.

The water-based formulas are suitable for sex toy use, oral sex, and are condom-compatible for penetrative sex.

The five-pack is bursting with flavour, too, and you can choose from five lip-smacking flavours: Wild Cherry, Mystical Mint, Green Apple, Watermelon and Sweet Strawberry.

What’s more is they’re totally travel-friendly, too, so slip one into your hand luggage for fruity fun overseas.

NAKD Peaches & Cream Flavoured Water Based Lubricant

  • NAKD Peaches & Cream Flavoured Water Based Lubricant, 250ml, £8.99 from Amazon – buy here

Get ready for dessert with this delectable peaches and cream flavoured lube from NAKD, available on Amazon.

The mouth-watering fruity and creamy lube is non-sticky and non-drying for frictionless sex and tasty oral fun.

Made in the UK, this water-based lube is silky smooth and features a pump head for easy, fuss-free application.

It contains no parabens or glycerin and is both condom and sex toy safe.

Fun Play Time Prosecco Flavoured Sex Lube

  • Fun Play Time Prosecco Flavoured Sex Lube, 75ml, £4.99 from Amazon – buy here

Fancy the fun and bubbly, tingly taste of prosecco without the hangover? This prosecco-flavoured lube from Play Time will do just the trick.

Enhance your oral sessions, adding a bit of playfulness to your foreplay routines with pure fun in a bottle as this non-boozy lube boasts a tingling, bubbling sensation, too.

Silky smooth for a fun, frictionless time, this water-based lube is clear, non-sticky, non-greasy and both condom and sex toy compatible.

It’s also less than a fiver and fantastic value for money. Cheers to that.

Durex Lubricant Saucy Strawberry Flavoured

  • Durex Lubricant Saucy Strawberry Flavoured, 50ml, £7.99 from Amazon – buy here

Durex is a big name in the sexual wellness world, well known for its huge array of condoms. However, it also has a fantastic range of lube.

One of them is this sweet and sultry saucy strawberry option, which is sugar-free and water-based.

Suitable for oral sex, sex toy play, and both penetrative and anal sex, this lube is good enough to eat. You might even fancy adding a squirt of whipped cream.

Sensuva Ice Cube Strawberry Mint Flavoured Cooling Nipple Balm


  • Sensuva Ice Cube Strawberry Mint Flavoured Cooling Nipple Balm, 4g, £9.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Okay, so this isn’t *quite* a lube, but it does a similar sort of job to fire up your sex sessions by making foreplay even more fun.

Suitable for all nipple-owners, this tasty strawberry mint-flavoured nipple balm uses natural ingredients to stimulate and harden nipples.

Then, your lover can lick or lightly blow on your nipples to further heighten your pleasure, giving nipples a tingling and cooling sensation, making them more sensitive during intercourse.

Now’s your time to dip your toe into the world of nipplegasms. You’re welcome.

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