My husband is always home on time because of a simple but effective rule I made at the beginning of our marriage 0 222

DO you ever get frustrated that your other half isn’t home on time?

Well, you might want to take a leaf out of this couple’s book.

A man has taken to TikTok to share the rule that ensures he’s always home by 8pm@tm.angelo7/Tiktok GettyOthers quickly praised the rule, with one insisting she’s had 20 years of using it with success[/caption]

One man took to TikTok to reveal the rule that has ensured he always get home when he says he’s going to.

Sharing a video of himself walking down a hallway, Tariq wrote over the top a conversation that apparently took place between his partner and a friend.

“Anna: How come your husband is always at home on time?” he began.

“Mbali: I made a single RULE. Sex is always at 8pm, whether he is home or not.”

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“Ladies with cruelty,” Tariq captioned the video.

He was quickly praised for sharing the clever marriage hack, with one person writing: “OMG. I just found a new trick.”

“20yrs and going strong with this rule,” someone else added.

“Lol. The art of a bargain. Leave them without an option,” a third wrote.

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“Officially using this rule in my next relationship,” another comment read.

But others weren’t as convinced.

“Nah I like not having arguments thank you,” one wrote.

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“such ultimatums are the reasons why so many ppl are miserable in relationships,” another added.

“doesn’t it become a routine tho..and then boring,” someone else questioned.

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Supporting Ukraine Through Purchasing Power: The Initiatives Keeping the Country’s Economy Afloat 0 173

Amidst the Russian invasion, Ukrainian creatives are launching initiatives to keep the country’s economy going by harnessing consumer power. Spend With Ukraine is one such online resource that connects consumers to Ukraine-based businesses across various industries, while the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund allows for donations to support artists. Co-founder of Spend With Ukraine, Andrey Klen, emphasizes the importance of supporting the Ukrainian economy through purchasing decisions. He states, “Armies win battles, but economies win wars.”

Ukrainian brands are still operating and many are donating a portion of their sales to different needs to support the country. To sustain interest in supporting Ukraine through spending, increasing the visibility of these initiatives is key. As Klen says, “We want it to blow out.” These efforts not only help Ukrainian creatives but also support existing industries and provide a sense of normality in these difficult times.

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To address these issues, it is essential for the industry to have clear guidelines and policies in place to protect the rights and safety of workers. This includes providing education and resources for performers, implementing strict consent protocols, and holding producers and directors accountable for ensuring a safe working environment.

Another important aspect of this topic is the importance of consent in adult film. Consent is a crucial aspect of any sexual encounter and must be obtained freely, enthusiastically, and without coercion. In the adult film industry, where performers are engaging in sexual acts on camera, it is especially important that consent is explicitly obtained and respected. This can be achieved through the use of consent forms and communication between performers before and during filming.

By discussing these topics, the industry can work towards creating a safer and more respectful environment for all performers and ensure that the rights and well-being of workers are protected.

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