What is ‘unicorn hunting’? The new couples trend that doesn’t always end well 0 184

NOT just a fictional plotline from a fantasy novel, the real trend unicorn hunting targets bisexual women. 

The idea is to find a woman willing to join your couple in order to form a throuple.

Getty – Contributor ‘Unicorn hunting’ is where a heterosexual couple seek a bisexual woman to join their relationship[/caption]

What is unicorn hunting?

Unicorn hunting is where a male/female couple look to find one person who they can permanently invite into their relationship.

They form a “triad” with the couple and the three people have group sex.

But the couple aren’t looking to have a threesome with just anyone.

People who go unicorn hunting are specifically looking for a bisexual woman.

Most of the time this woman must be assigned-female-at-birth and single as well as being attracted to both partners equally.

Generally, unicorn hunter is used as a somewhat derogatory term for a straight-presenting couple looking to spice things up.

It is not seen as a valid form of polyamory by many members of the LGBTQ+ community and contributes to the fetishisation of bisexual women.


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Is unicorn hunting dangerous?

The number of straight couples only looking to find a unicorn has reached such high numbers that many polyamorous people see it as a cliche.

Women in the LGBTQ+ community often complain that dating apps are full of couples looking for a third.

The couple expect their unicorn to be both sexually and romantically exclusive, rather than polyamorous with other people.

They also demand that a unicorn is attracted to them both equally and interested in only having group sex.

But the couple are not looking to bring her fully into their relationship, the dynamic remains divided between the original couple and their unicorn unless engaging in sex.

In fact, their aim is to not let the “unicorn” come between them.

Finding someone who meets all the criteria is as hard as you might imagine – hence the naming of the phenomenon after the elusive mythical creature.

But even if they succeed, it’s not always happily ever after..

An anonymous polyamorous man told Business Insider that he has never known a straight couple, searching for a bisexual woman, to have worked out.

The addition of a third person can put enormous strain on a relationship, sometimes causing the couple to break up.

Worse still, many people in the polyamorous community think that “unicorn hunting” is just a way for a man in a relationship to sleep with other women, safe in the knowledge that their partner is not sleeping with other men.

How do you spot a unicorn hunter?

It is not always easy to tell if a couple is searching for a unicorn.

With dating apps, especially Tinder, the couple will often use the woman’s profile in their hunt.

These profiles are filled with predominantly photos of the woman in the couple, with limited photos of her partner.

Many bisexual and other LGBTQ+ women see this as deceptive.

Honest profiles will have phrases like “M+F”, “couple looking for a third” or others to indicate that they are looking for a unicorn.


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