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WITH Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be looking to spice things up with your significant other. 

But before you attempt a series of back-bending moves, you should be aware of the risks. 

GettyAccording to experts you should caution when it comes to any position that has you standing[/caption]

According to the experts, you should err on the side of caution when it comes to any position that has you standing, or those involving hyperextension of the back. 

Speaking to Fabulous, Ness Cooper a sexpert at TheSexConsultant, said: “Some bodies are extra stiff or bendy, and avoiding positions that lead to extreme back hyperextension should be avoided due to the possible chance of injuries. 

“This can be tricky with the natural contortions the body goes into during pleasurable moments, so bolstering up with sex position pillows or even mobility pillows can help avoid throwing out your back in the throes of passion. 

“Also if you or your partner are naturally flexible, it may not be a good idea to always take advantage of this flexibility during sex, as hypermobility can lead to flare-ups when purposely put into position others would struggle with.


“If exploring standing sex and using something to support one of you, make sure the item of support is stable. Items that may seem safe, can still come loose leading to an accident. The bathroom sink may sound like a good idea for example, but these can easily come away from the wall.”

Here, Ness and Ruby Payne, resident sex expert at UberKinky, share the sex positions you should avoid if you want to avoid injury. 

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The Standing Split

For the standing split, you and your partner need to stand facing one another

For the standing split, you and your partner need to stand facing one another. The receiver needs to be balanced on one leg, whilst the other is lifted to rest on the giver’s shoulder.

“It’s a no from me because you’ll need incredible levels of flexibility and strength to get into this position and hold it for any length of time,” Ruby said. 

“Standing positions very rarely work out as your pelvises would need to be at the exact same height. The receiver’s centre of gravity will be thrown off too, so they’re more likely to topple over and get injured.”

Handstand positions 

We know it’s hard to imagine, but handstand moves can be tempting for some.

They are a big challenge though and Ness says they “aren’t really sex positions to do for extended periods of time.”

The handstand position can be a big challenge

She explained: “Not only can it be very hard to stabilise your body in this position that can lead to injury, being upside down can alter your blood pressure leading to dizziness and even fainting.”

The Mermaid 

If you’re looking to add a new one to your secret bag of tricks, perhaps consider skipping the mermaid if you want to avoid injury. 

Being upside down can alter your blood pressure leading to dizziness and even fainting


This is where the person being penetrated is on top, but unlike cowgirl, the legs are lifted up in a V-position. 

Ness said: “V-ups require a lot of core and pelvic floor control. It’s easy to fall off in this position, which may result in injury.”

The Mermaid can cause injury if you fall off

The Butter Churner

Made famous by the 2021 series of Love Island, the butter churner “belongs in no one’s sexual repertoire,” Ruby said. 

“It requires the receiver to lie on their back and then lift their legs up and behind their head while the giver squats and penetrates from above,” she explained.

“It’s great at getting you off, but my god, at what cost? The penis doesn’t (and shouldn’t) bend that way and it also requires great thigh strength from the giver.”

Ruby says the move requires an incredible amount of flexibility from the receiver too.

“Holding the position for long periods of time will put strain on their neck and back, which could cause injury,” she warned.

The Wheelbarrow

Unless you’ve got great upper body strength, you should probably stay clear of The Wheelbarrow

Remember doing these when you were a kid? Well, this is the more x-rated version.

But Ruby warned, unless you’ve got great upper body strength, you should probably stay clear. 

“The giver picks the receiver up by the pelvis so their legs are on either side (remember to grip with the thighs) – the receiver’s arms will be quivering in no time, and certainly not in a good way.

“Plus, when you’ve reached the point of resorting to positions like ‘the wheelbarrow’, you’re probably doing it for the bragging rights – bring back intimacy.”

The Helicopter 

The Helicopter is one of the riskier sex positions

If the helicopter position is one you’ve considered trying, Ness warns it’s definitely “one of the more riskier sex positions.”

She said: “The penetrating partner uses their penis to swivel around on whilst on top of their partner.

“This position may result in loss of balance or worse can result in a penis fracture.”

This position may result in loss of balance or worse can result in a penis fracture


The Waterfall 

The words blissful and beautiful might come to mind when you first think of a waterfall. 

But when it comes to trying it in the sack there’s a little less bliss and a lot more backache. 

“This position leads to hyperextending the back and having your head upside-down,” Ness explained.

“It can play havoc on blood pressure and upset the spine and lead to injuries. It can be made safer by using pillows, a bed or a sofa as support.

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