I’m so in love with myself, I don’t need a boyfriend – people think I’m a narcissist, but this is something real 0 180

A MODEL has claimed that she doesn’t need a boyfriend – because she is so in love with herself.

Luana Sandien said that she is autosexual which is a self-love relationship that can go beyond the erotic sphere. 

Luana Sandien claims that she doesn’t need a man to make her happy as she is in love with herself

The divorced model adds that she doesn’t need a boyfriend to experience sexual pleasure, and revealed that she will even be happily enjoying Valentines day alone. 

She says: “If I see myself in the mirror, I’m already excited.

“Being autosexual, as I see it, is along the same lines as being an independent person.”

Luana claimed she’s not thinking about having a relationship with someone else at the moment.


She continued: “I found myself single. It’s the best thing a woman can do for herself.”

It was back in June last year the model came out and admitted she’d like to date herself last June.

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She said: “It means I’m attracted to myself. I always felt that way, I just didn’t know there was a name for it.

“It’s nice to know I’m not crazy for it, or a massive narcissist, it’s something real that a lot of people experience.

“It was very important to find out that I’m not alone. As sexy as that may sound, and it is, it’s kind of self-love on steroids.

“There was always a part of me that thought it was weird – so it’s nice to have this statement that it’s normal.”

Sexpert Casey explained that autosexuality is a trait wherein one is turned on by “engaging in their own eroticism“.

Instagram/luanasandienLuana is autosexual and gets pleasure from looking at herself[/caption]

She added: “A prime example of this is simply women in general.

“While it may not be true for everyone, we generally feel more sexual and turned on when we feel we ourselves are sexy.

“But it’s not just about the ladies. It can also be the ability to turn oneself on through looking at, visualising, touching or smelling.”

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