I’m a dating coach and these are the six red flags that show your date is only after sex 0 214

DATING is tough, especially when you don’t know if the person you’re speaking to wants the same things as you.

If you’re looking for more than just a romp in the sack but aren’t convinced your date is on the same page, then our expert’s tips will help you suss it out.

GettyA dating expert has revealed the six red flags to look out for[/caption]

Dating expert Persia Lawson shares the six red flags to look out for if you’re worried they only want one thing…

They booty call you

Persia said: “Let’s start with the most obvious. You get that text late on a Saturday night, with a: ‘What are you up to?’

“If they say they’ll send an Uber for you or head over to yours, but they’re never interested in meeting up in the day… then they’ve definitely shown you that they just want sex.


“It’s obvious that this is just a booty call at the end of the night when they’ve not scored with anyone else.”

They pile on the pressure

Persia said: “Getting that feeling of pressure is a red flag. They might be physically forward with you very early on or making little sexual innuendos or jokes.

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“They may make you feel uneasy that they’re being too forward and that could make you feel uncomfortable.

“When you’re with them the interactions could be physical, but when they’re messaging if they constantly reference sex and it’s always at the forefront of the dynamic, that’s not a good sign.”

They say they ‘just want a bit of fun’

Persia said: “If they tell you they’re looking for just a bit of fun or not looking for anything serious.

“Sometimes this happens when someone has just come out of a serious relationship.

“But if they say something along those lines to you, don’t waste your time. They’re clearly just looking for a cheeky night and not a commitment.

“A lot of people, particularly women, don’t want to acknowledge that so they try and steer it down a deeper more serious route, but it doesn’t work.

“If they say they’re not looking for anything serious – what they’re really saying is: ‘I just want to bonk and bounce’!”

The conversation is surface level

Persia said: “Someone who keeps the contact or dynamic at surface level is probably only looking for one type of intimacy.

“They may be quite superficial with their conversation and they may not be making an effort to know you on a deeper level.

“Sometimes people will still ask the obvious questions but chatting can feel rushed and not very personal.

“On the other hand, there are people who want to make you think they’re really deep but they’re actually luring you in with a false sense of security so that you open up and sleep with them.

“So either they’re very direct and surface level or they go too deep and they act like they’re really vulnerable.”

They dodge the group hang

Persia said: “Watch out for people who aren’t interested in hanging out with your friends or even having you to hang out with their friends.

“Some people cancel at the last minute and show no interest in connecting with you outside of just the two of you, because they just want sex.

“It sounds really horrible but I’ve seen it from time to time where someone is embarrassed of the person they’re with and don’t want their friends to find out.

“They can present that as: ‘I just love it being us’ as if they’re really into you.

“But actually if someone wants more than sex with you they’re really excited for you to meet their friends and family.”

They don’t spend any money

Persia said: “If someone’s just looking for sex, they’re not really interested in impressing you and investing in you in the same way they would be if they really liked you. So they can be a bit stingy.

“I’ve seen this with people who are sleeping around a lot, because they have so many dates they can’t afford to splash the cash on everyone.

“But the minute they meet someone they really like, they’ll be happy to open their wallet.”

Persia Lawson’s book Love Is Coming: How To Find Real Love In A Superficial World is out now.

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