I used to work in Debenhams – then I bought my first house at 20 after joining OnlyFans 0 347

A FORMER Debenhams make-up artist has told how she bought her first house at the age of 20 after quitting her job and joining OnlyFans.

Chloe Horton, 21, is hugely successful on the platform and credits it with helping her buy a home and travel the world.

Chloe loves to travel the world She thinks it’s important to ignore the haters OnlyFans has helped her buy a home at a young age Despite her job appearing glam, Chloe says it’s hard graft

But the ex-Debenhams make-up artist, from Glasgow, gets frustrated with some of the misconceptions around her job and thinks people should educate themselves.

She says: “The biggest misconception is that people think it’s easy money when in fact it’s not.

“You need to work to be able to achieve your goals on the site, you can’t expect to post five pictures and earn £1,000 because unfortunately that’s not how it works.

“I’d say it’s more like an office job really. They answer emails and we answer mails to our subscribers and it could be over 100 per day.

“Another misconception is that it’s just a porn site.

“You can get all type of content creators. I do underwear and others do workouts, cooking videos and lessons.”

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Chloe is thankful for the benefits OnlyFans has afforded her and says it helped her buy a home aged 20, travel the world and treat her loved ones.

She adds: “OnlyFans has definitely turned my life around when it comes to the concept of having money all the time and not having to worry like I used to.

“I managed to buy my own house in 2021 and I’ve been on so many holidays that have created moments for me I’ll never forget.

“Travelling to places like Dubai, the Maldives and Greece among others was unreal.

My daughter’s OnlyFans earnings have set her up for life – people ask if I’m proud of her

“I’ve spoiled myself, my family and friends so it’s been good to have that little bit extra to do so now and again.

“I would 100 per cent recommend OnlyFans to woman and men if they were already considering it.

“You are your own boss, set your own hours, post what you’re comfortable with and have no one to answer to but yourself.”

But despite all of her success, she is still the target of vile bullies who call her a prostitute and hurl other hurtful insults.

Chloe deals with trolls by ignoring them but admits anyone keen to follow in her footsteps will need a thick skin.

She says: “People think that it’s not a real job, look down their noses down at us and try to slag us off at any given opportunity.

My biggest tip is to just own it. Be yourself and don’t give a s**t about what anyone has to say because if they’re criticising, they’re probably just unhappy with themselves

Chloe Horton

“I’m thankful I take it on the chin and that my family actually don’t care at all along with my boyfriend.

“When you join OnlyFans you need to own it, you need to be able to handle the backlash, the criticism and the judging 24/7 because people will talk and judge and bully.

“I’ve had so much hate and bullies over the last few years from being on OnlyFans with people from my hometown talking about me all over social media.

“But that’s what happens when people have a small town mentality and jealousy so I take it on the chin.

“I’ve been called a slut, prostitute, hooker, fat and ugly and all these kinds of names but I just laugh because it shows what kind of people they are rather than me.

“In the beginning it was really bad with the trolling but now not so much as it’s the new norm, everyone does it which I love because people shouldn’t feel like they can’t do something they want to because of spiteful horrible people.

She adds: “My biggest tip is to just own it. Be yourself and don’t give a s**t about what anyone has to say because if they’re criticising, they’re probably just unhappy with themselves.”

Recently another OnlyFans model revealed she gets approached by Celtic fans begging her to humiliate them to satisfy their ‘odd fetish’.

But she had to draw the lines when it involved requests to hurl sectarian abuse.

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