I ditched dull boyfriend for wild weekly sex parties – I’ve had best orgasms at hotel orgies but pals don’t approve 0 347

STUCK in a rut of work, evenings in front of the TV and “ordinary” sex, bored Dana Humphrey bravely decided to make a change.

After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Adil in 2015, the 39-year-old decided to focus on herself and signed up for a healing workshop.

Sunsational StoriesDana Humphrey felt stuck in a rut[/caption] Sunsational StoriesAfter signing up to a healing course, she met a doctor who introduced her to sex parties[/caption]

It was there she met Jessie, a GP she nicknamed “The Doctor”, who introduced Dana to a whole new, liberating world of sex parties, orgies with strangers and a polyamorous lifestyle.

Dana, a college marketing professor from New York, says: “I’d always been the monogamous type.

“My sex life had always been pretty good, but predictable, and very average, looking back.

“Then my world was transformed when I met Jessie who introduced me to a new way of life that opened up so many doors and emotions. I loved the polyamory lifestyle.”

Dana had four long-term boyfriends before she met Jessie. 

She met ex Adil in a bar, and told how they barely ever had sex other than in the missionary position because he wasn’t open to suggestions to spice it up.

After the break-up, stress caused Dana to develop a stomach ulcer, and she explored different ways to heal that weren’t so conventional, including meditation.

She signed-up for a two-day healing course – and that’s when she encountered Jessie.

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“The moment she walked into the room I was like – who is that?” recalls Dana. 

“She had such a presence and she was so dressed-up. She gave me a ride to a group dinner after a massage session where I sat with her.

“We became friends and spent a lot of time together. I loved being around Jessie – she had so much life in her, she was incredibly open-minded and that was something I had never experienced.”

‘The Lifestyle’

Jessie introduced Dana to “The Lifestyle” – a term for a worldwide community of couples and single people who meet to have casual sex regularly with strangers.

The Lifestyle is considered to be an alternative health workshop and Dana was intrigued.

“Jessie told me that she had slept with more than 100 people at these special events,” recalls Dana. 

“I just thought, oh my gosh, how could anyone actually do that?

“She had a little black book of partners she met-up with and she asked me to go along to one of the sex parties at a club called Decadence in New York where we would eventually have sex with other men, and then play with each other.

I had some of the best sex I’ve ever had that night, along with multiple orgasms

Dana Humphrey

“I remember I wanted to impress Jessie, so I agreed. 

“The first time we went to a party, she walked into the ‘snack’ room and I walked straight into the ‘play-room’, where I made a beeline for a man I was attracted to and started pleasuring him, without all the small talk.

“It was so easy and a lot of fun. Everyone in there was already stripped down so you could see what their bodies looked like. 

“I had some of the best sex I’ve ever had that night, along with multiple orgasms.

“I fell in love with The Lifestyle – it was fun, edgy and rebellious. 

“Jessie once said that I looked like a fish back in water, and that’s exactly how I felt.”

Hotel orgies

Sunsational StoriesDana says sex with strangers is liberating[/caption]

When the owner of Decadence passed away, the club was shut down, so Dana and Jessie attended sex parties in hotels.

They also arranged weekly sex parties at their houses where they would romp with multiple lovers and then touch each other.

They dated for two years. During their time together, they attended incredible sex orgies at hotels in New York and New Jersey. Sometimes whole floors were rented out.

Being polyamorous – the act of having multiple relationships with the consent of everyone taking part – became a joyful and fulfilling way of life for Dana.

“Often there were way more men than women, so we had a lot of guys to choose from,” says Dana. 

Having multiple orgasms in a night was very good for me. My skin glowed, I had a lot of energy and I slept better than ever before

Dana Humphrey

“It was very liberating and those guys knew exactly what they were doing to pleasure us girls.

“Having multiple orgasms in a night was very good for me. My skin glowed, I had a lot of energy, I slept better than ever before and I was generally in a very good mood all of the time.

“I’d always been the serial monogamist but now I was experiencing many different lovers in a safe environment.

“My confidence grew and I discovered early on that I was bisexual.”

Dana and Jessie dated for two years but split-up in January 2018. 

Pals don’t approve

Now single, Dana is in the market for a partner – male or female – who supports the polyamory lifestyle she loves so much.

She’s using dating apps like Her and Freed and she has written a book based on her sexual choices, called May All Beings Be Fed.

Many of her friends and family didn’t know about her sexual preferences until her book was released, and she’s had a mixed response.

She says: “I told my parents never to read my book. I’m not sure they could cope with it! 

“I’ve had a couple of girlfriends who voiced their concerns about my lifestyle.

Anyone who can’t try to understand my choices in life aren’t really friends at all… I would love people to learn from me

Dana Humphrey

“I’d always felt that they were homophobic, and this proves it, but I just think that anyone who can’t try to understand my choices in life aren’t really friends at all.

“I think being polyamorous has made me less worried about being judged. 

“I am truly happy with my choices and I love the journey I am on. I am so grateful I can enjoy sexual freedom.

“I would love people to learn from me. Why limit yourself to one sexual partner at a time when there are so many more wonderful choices out there?

“I know that the polyamorous lifestyle is something that a lot of people can’t understand because it’s not conventional, but I say try whatever makes you happy – I’m so glad that I did.”

Sunsational StoriesDana says friends have questioned her lifestyle[/caption] Sunsational StoriesHaving written a book about her life choices, Dana hopes people can learn from her[/caption]

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