What are the best oral sex positions to help you hit the big O and how to do them 0 191

FOR some women penetrative sex may not be the best way to reach the big O.

But oral may just push you over that edge – and there’s so many different positions to choose from.

GettyTry some of these oral sex moves that will be sure to have you hitting the Big O[/caption]

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, writer and sex educator Alix Fox revealed a number of oral sex positions, that you can try at home.

The Picnic

A rather simple position that will be great for beginners and is suitable for any gender combination and body size. 

This position allows for both easy access and the ability to easily take breaks if the giver begins to feel jaw pain.



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How do you do the picnic position?

First the receiving partner will lie on their back, whether on a bed, the floor, or wherever else you chose.

An optional blindfold can then be placed over their eyes if you wish – this can be a sexy sensory surprise.

Then the other partner just leans down towards the receiving partner’s genitals and the fun can begin.

The Chair and Prayer

This is a perfect position for ‘switch’ couples, who like to switch between the roles of dominant and submissive.

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How is it done?

The receiver sits on a chair and spreads their thighs, with the giver kneeling on the floor as if in prayer.

Want to make this particularly kinky? One of the partners could be handcuffed, or tied, to the chair if that’s what floats your boat.

You can also consider the location of the chair, positioning it in the centre of a room, or even in front of a mirror.

The Lock ‘n’ Stocks

This position places the receiver in control, and is great for those who have a dominant streak.

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How to get into the Lock ‘n’ Stocks

The receiving partner lays on their back and bends their knees upwards.

The giver then gets on all fours, facing their partner, resting on their elbows, they then lower their head between their partner’s legs.

The receiver then clamps their thighs together to ‘lock’ their partner’s head between them, and holds their wrists, as though in ‘stocks’.

The Babysitter

Or ‘facesitting’ as it’s more commonly known, the babysitter could be considered the marmite of oral sex positions, with some people really loving it while othes find themselves really hating it.

Some people love the feeling of submission that comes with someone sitting on your face, well others end up feeling more claustrophobic than sexy.

When trying this position out just be sure to communicate with your partner and stop if either of you are feeling uncomfortable.

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How do you get into the babysitter?

The giver lays on their back on the bed, and the receiver kneels with their knees placed either side of their partner’s head, facing forward.

The receiver gently lowers their genitals towards their partner’s mouth, and then when the giver is ready they can pull their partner the rest of the way down.

Leaning forward to hold onto the headboard can give the receiver more stability, while kneeling on cushions can help take some of the strain off their knees.

The watering hole

The shower is a great place to delve into analingus, or rimming, as it allows you to sensuously soap and rinse beforehand, thwarting any concerns you may have surrounding cleanliness.

Tips for the watering hole

The receiver faces the wall and parts their legs while the giver slides down and squats behind them.

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If the shower has a removable head you can even use this to increase the receiver’s pleasure by angling it towards their nipples, or genitals if you can safely manage this.

Alix says that in this position you shouldn’t immediately dart your tongue in but instead alternate between dancing around the opening with your tongue, to broad strokes and spiral patterns.

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