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WHEN it comes to your health down below – you might think you know it all.

There seems to be a plethora of information out there for concerns of the female anatomy – but not much for men.

GettyPenises come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important that you look after yours[/caption] tiktok/dr.siyaDr Siyamak Saleh revealed the various habits that are bad for your penis[/caption]

Taking care of your penis is important and you’ve probably got your own routine going on.

The NHS says that todgers come in all shapes and sizes and are unique to each person.

But just like other parts of your body, your behaviours could be having an impact on what lies beneath.

One doctor has revealed some of the most common habits that could actually be bad for your soldier and why you should avoid them.

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Posting to TikTok, Dr Siyamak Saleh listed the five things men and boys should be wary of doing that are bad for your penis:

  1. Smoking
  2. Drinking
  3. Stress
  4. Lack of sleep
  5. Being overweight.

We all know smoking is bad for us, increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease and other killer conditions.

Yet many still find it hard to kick the deadly habit.

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But experts previously warned that puffing away could decrease the size of your manhood and increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Certain toxins in a cigarette damage the blood vessels in your penis, according to Medical News Today.

Unfortunately, not only does that mean the muscle cells in your member will waste away, it also means that no matter how turned on you are you will struggle to get an erection.

Experts from Boston University of Medicine examined the erect penises of 200 men and found that smokers measured up shorter than those who steer clear of fags.

The 1998 study concluded that smoking inhibits blood flow to your private bits, which can stop your penis from stretching and therefore make it shrink.

But it’s not just smoking that’s problematic and indulging in booze can also be damaging for you down below.

One of the main booze-related health concerns is the affects on your sex drive and fertility.

Dr Sarah Brewer, medical director at Healthspan previously said: “As much as 40 per cent of male infertility has been blamed on just a moderate intake of alcohol alone.”

Boozing too much is linked to erectile dysfunction, shrunken testicles, a smaller penis and loss of pubic hair, she warns.

But “stopping drinking can improve sperm count and increase both male and female sex drive within three months”, she adds. And women who drink five or fewer units of alcohol per week are “twice as likely to conceive within six months” than those drinking double that, according to a study by the National University Hospital in Denmark.

Many people will smoke and drink to alleviate stress – something else that Dr Saleh said is bad for your todger.

Sexual health expert Kerri Middleton, from Bathmate previously said that you should try and keep your stress out of your house.

Excess adrenaline is released into the bloodstream when you’re in a state of worry, causing your blood vessels — including the ones in your penis — to contract.

There are plenty of methods you can use to ease tension and unwind, from meditation to laughter or pumping iron, all of which can help with performance, she explained.

Kerri also highlighted that sleep is imperative.

Rest is one of the most vital components of a healthy lifestyle.

Not getting enough sleep is connected to several health issues that contribute to downstairs disappointment such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

As well as fuelling yourself with enough sleep – you also need to make sure you have a healthy diet.

The fuel you put in your body won’t only help erections – it also improves sperm count, sex drive and even affects your risk of prostate cancer.

The foods to avoid:

  • Anything deep-fried
  • Processed meats like bacon
  • Soy
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Sugar
  • Refined carbohydrates like white bread and breakfast cereals

The best foods to eat include tomatoes, salmon, olive oil and oysters.

Another type of food associated with male sexual health is anything spicy.

A French study previously found that men who consume more spicy foods have higher testosterone levels than those who shy away from them.

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Serrano peppers increase testosterone levels by reducing the amount the kidneys flush out while capsaicin releases chemicals that increase your heart rate, mimic arousal and kickstart your libido.

In the comments Dr Saleh also stated that sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles as well as heart diseases, diabetes, unsafe sex and STIs are also bad for you.

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