Woman nearly dies after hearing a terrifying ‘pop’ in her chest during orgasm 0 215

SEX can be exciting and sometimes getting to the ‘big O’ requires hard work.

But one woman nearly died after she felt a ‘pop’ in her chest as she climaxed.

American Journal of Case ReportsThe image above shows the woman’s chest and points to the place where the woman felt the pop, medically this is known as the intramural hematoma[/caption]

This sensation was accompanied by a stabbing pain in the heart – which turned out to be a life-threatening injury to her main artery.

The unnamed 45-year-old woman was found to have aortic intramural haematoma.

It’s a relatively uncommon condition and usually occurs in men in their 60s and 70s.

The symptoms are similar to those of heart disease – which can lead to a delay in diagnosis.

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People at risk of acute aortic syndrome (ASS), the condition which is usually underlying with the haematoma, are usually those with high blood pressure which helps weaken the aorta over time.

Weight-lifting at a high-intensity range is also known to be a common factor as it puts extra pressure on the blood vessels.

Writing in the American Journal of Case Reports, doctors detailed how the Mississippi woman presented at the hospital – with her blood pressure measuring 220/140mmHg.

Medics found a leak in her aorta and said the ‘stress’ of sex had caused it.

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The patient was kept in hospital for three days where she was given medication for chronic hypertension.

Specialist staff were consulted and medical management was deemed to be the best cause of action for the woman.

She was discharged from hospital and scheduled an out-patient follow-up.

Medics stated that the woman had a history of tobacco abuse and smoked six to seven cigarettes each day.

They added: “There were no concerning findings on the physical examination.

“The patient appeared to be in moderate distress and experienced an improvement in pain with 8 mg of morphine and 100 mcg of fentanyl.”

When it comes to the risk during sex, they said that it has previously been described as ‘moderate physical activity’.

They explained: “The physiologic response to sexually activity correlates with the physical response and the emotional response.

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“The risk of sudden cardiac death during sex has a correlation with adultery, which could be provoking an intensified or unforeseen emotional response that makes a person more predisposed to AAS or sudden cardiac death.

“The physiological parameters of respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure all increase with sexual intercourse, in correlation with exercise.”

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