I’m a therapist – how to have sex in a heatwave, from avoiding missionary to using ice 0 143

IF you are feeling sexy this summer, you aren’t alone.

According to experts, the sun helps to boost the body’s production of vitamin D and testosterone in men, and this can lead to better orgasms.

GettyA therapist has revealed how to have sex in a heatwave[/caption]

But how do you have sex in a heatwave, when a bit of bedroom action can leave you sweaty or feeling sluggish?

If you are looking to satisfy your urges, a therapist has given her top tips for getting some action in the heat.

Marisa Peer said to the Mirror: “Sex is meant to be a hot and steamy affair but us Brits aren’t used to dealing with a heatwave and tend to wilt when the temperature goes into overdrive.”

She advised keeping your curtains and blinds shut during the day to prevent heat from entering.

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She added: “When it’s time to go to bed, you should find your bedroom is a cool and welcoming sanctuary.”

Marisa also said you should dampen your top sheet with cold water, and said: “Not only will it give your love-making a thrill but it will bring down the temperature of the entire room.”

She also said you could put a damp sheet between your fan and the bed as it will cool the air.

Another trick is to incorporate some ice into your foreplay, or fill a spray bottle with water for the hottest moments.

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Alternatively, having sex in a cool shower can be a fun way to escape the heat.

In terms of sex positions, Marisa said you should avoid missionary until temperatures cool as bodies are in such close proximity.


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