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BULLET vibrators are a simple yet effective way to include sex toys in the bedroom because they are incredibly straightforward to use.

The best bullet vibrators for women can be used alone or with your partner to increase the chance of experiencing the big O and narrowing the, frankly depressing, orgasm gap between men and women.

Bullet sex toys come in a range of sizes, can be battery-powered or rechargeable and price points start from under a tenner and reach upwards of £60 depending on what you’re looking for, be that a small vibrator or one that looks like a rabbit (no, really).

To add some good vibrations to your solo sessions or during sex have a read through our pick of the best bullet vibrators.


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1. Lelo mia 2 vibrator

Credit: Feel Unique

  • Lelo mia 2 vibrator, £41.40 from Feel Unique – buy here

If you get a sex toy from Lelo, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to love it. Mainly famous for its unbelievably good Lelo Sona (read our Lelo Sona review here) the brand has an array of pleasure-enhancing toys.

Including the Mia 2 vibrator which is designed to look like a lipstick for discreetness and ease of use. The shape means that your clitoris is going to get as much stimulation as possible – ideal.

It’s rechargeable via the handy USB plug at one end which is hidden by a cap, is fully waterproof and has six vibration patterns if you’re looking to up the ante.

2. Hot octopuss DiGiT finger vibrator

Credit: Amazon

  • Hot octopuss DiGiT finger vibrator, £59.95 from Amazon – buy here

Despite the on-the-nose name (octopuss?) this is a really easy vibrator to use.

The first thing you’ll notice about this sex toy bullet is the finger rings. These are there to make it as comfortable and secure as possible when you or your partner is using the vibrator, so don’t worry about it slipping out of place just when you least want it to.

It has ten vibration settings and is fully waterproof so feel free to take it with you into the bathroom.

3. We-Vibe tango

Credit: We-Vibe

  • We-Vibe tango, £48 from We-Vibe – buy here

The We-Vibe tango looks a lot like what you’d expect from a bullet vibrator because it’s shaped like a bullet.

However, it has been carefully designed so you’ll have no issue stimulating your erogenous zones and has eight different modes of vibration which means you can switch things up depending on your mood.

Despite packing a punch if you want, it’s pretty quiet so if you’ve got any flatmates that you’d prefer not to be inadvertently listening in on your private time then this ticks that box.

4. Je Joue rabbit bullet vibrator

Credit: Je Joue

  • Je Joue rabbit bullet vibrator, £44.99 from Je Joue – buy here

Remember how we mentioned that one of these vibrators actually looked like a rabbit? This one isn’t it believe it or not.

This bullet from Je Joue has been designed in the classic rabbit vibrator form except this is only for external stimulation.

The top of the ears hug the clitoris and if you’d like more intensity use the base of the ears to ramp up those vibrations.

5. Lovehoney 10 function thrill bullet vibrator

Credit: Lovehoney

  • Lovehoney 10 function thrill bullet vibrator, £11.99 from Boots – buy here

Lovehoney knows what it’s talking about when it comes to sex toys and this incredibly affordable bullet takes into account its years of expertise.

With three speeds (the faster the speed, the more intense it will feel) and seven patterns, this lightweight bullet is the perfect handbag companion, especially if you’re travelling.

It’s not rechargeable so you’ll need one AAA battery but that’s a small price to pay for, well, the price.

At a penny under £12, you really can’t go wrong with that amount of variation.

6. Durex intense delight vibrating bullet

Credit: Durex

  • Durex intense delight vibrating bullet, £7.46 from Boots – buy here

This small vibrator from Durex is a great little addition to your sex toy collection.

It’s battery-powered and small enough to pop into your handbag – or even pocket – which means it doesn’t get in the way during sex if you want to add a little bit of extra clitoral stimulation to the mix.

It only has one speed and intensity setting which is why we think it’s best used with a partner as additional stimulation although it does, of course, do the job solo too, there are just more interesting options out there that get you more intense results when going solo.

But for under £10 this bullet sex toy is easy to clean and doesn’t disappoint.

7. Crave vesper vibrator necklace

Credit: Amazon

  • Crave vesper vibrator necklace, £65 from Amazon – buy here

You have to admit, this one’s pretty sexy. A bullet vibrator that looks like a necklace? Uber portable and dual function, it genuinely works as well as it looks.

It comes in three colours – silver, gold and rose gold – so it’s easy to match with the rest of your jewellery. Choose between low, medium, high and pulsating settings and juice up via the USB charger that’s included.

Fashionable and useful – what’s not to love?

8. Fifty Shades of Grey we aim to please bullet vibrator

Credit: Amazon

  • Fifty Shades of Grey we aim to please bullet vibrator, £6 from Amazon – buy here

Well, well, well, is it really any surprise that there’s a Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy line? Perhaps what’s truly surprising is that this bullet is actually quite good.

If discreet’s your game then this vibrator isn’t for you but if you’d like Mr Grey to see you now then give it a go. It does only have one speed and pattern setting but it’s lightweight and easy to take on your travels so it’s perfect for beginners and travellers alike.

And really, can anyone complain when it’s available for under a tenner? We think not.

So be like Anastasia Steel; do as you’re told and go and buy one.

9. SVAKOM Elva remote-controlled vibrating egg

Credit: SVAKOM

  • SVAKOM Elva remote-controlled vibrating egg, £48 from Amazon – buy here

The SVAKOM remote-controlled vibrating egg isn’t technically a straight-up bullet but it is a fun inclusion for using with a partner.

It has 26 – yes, you read that right, 26 – frequencies, speeds, variations; whatever you want to call them, there are lots and lots of them.

The interesting thing about this one is that your partner uses the remote to control everything about which of those settings you’ll experience.

Fun, right?

10. Nu Sensuelle point power bullet

Credit: Amazon

  • Nu Sensuelle point power bullet, £36.87 from Amazon – buy here

Aside from the fact this bullet looks like it’s wearing black tie when it’s in the charger, it’s an effective sex toy.

Twice dipped in silicone, it’s smooth and easy to clean after use – a must with any sex toy – and has 20 settings for a plethora of options.

Hold in place and let it work its magic before slipping back into the charger and powering up again.

11. Dame kip lipstick vibrator

Credit: Feel Unique

  • Dame kip lipstick vibrator, £66.30 from Feel Unique – buy here

The shape of this vibrator from Dame has been designed to stimulate all the most sensitive areas down there. Yes, please.

The flat head stretches over the clitoris but also taps into more than pointed vibrators do by stimulating the vulva as well, even fluttering for an extra hit.

It’s also waterproof, has a magnetic USB charger and gives the option of five settings and speeds. Definitely worth checking out.

12. Lovehoney happy rabbit mini ears clitoral vibrator

Credit: Lovehoney

  • Lovehoney happy rabbit mini ears clitoral vibrator, £39.99 from Amazon – buy here

Here it is, last but not least, the vibrator that actually looks like a rabbit.

Aside from the comedy value of that, which is excellent, it’s actually a really good sex toy.

It offers three speeds and nine pattern variations and the rabbit ears are soft and flexible so you can alter how much pressure you’re putting on your clitoris.

The base of the rabbit isn’t just for show, it actually makes the whole thing easier to hold so you have more control over how you move it around and access the best stimulation.

It’s rechargeable using a USB charger and waterproof, so feel free to take your rabbit into the bath or shower with you.

How to use a bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrators are very easy to use – there are no bells and whistles. All you (or your partner) need to do is hold the vibrator against your clitoris or any other erogenous zone and let it work its magic.

Feel free to move it around or hold it still and adjust the pressure as you like by pressing harder or being more gentle.

It’s key to remember that a lot of bullet vibrators are not designed to be used internally so keep to the external areas and give it a good clean afterwards to stop any infections – no one wants an itchy nether region.

Where to buy a bullet vibrator

There are plenty of retailers where bullet vibrators are available. These include Boots, Lovehoney, Feel Unique and in-house sites like Lelo and We-Vibe.

But for the biggest selection, Amazon is your best port of call.

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