I don’t trust myself to be alone with my new colleague as he’s so hot 0 137

DEAR DEIDRE: OUR new warehouse manager is so hot that I’m scared I won’t be able to control myself when we are alone together next week.

The problem is, I’m a respectable woman of 41.

The devil on one shoulder can’t wait to spend time alone with him

I’ve been married almost 19 years and I feel like I’ve got a schoolgirl crush on this guy.

My husband is 45 and he’s lovely but very conventional.

He’s a tax adviser and very set in his ways. He doesn’t like eating out and takes the same sandwiches (cheese and pickle or egg mayonnaise) to work, day in, day out.

We only ever go hiking in Scotland for holidays and he won’t hear of us going abroad.

We have vanilla sex, Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

I’ve tried to change things, dress up for him, give him the come-on but he never takes the bait.

I work in an office for an online clothing company.

We were getting so busy that our warehouse team was struggling to cope, so our boss took on a new guy. He’s 37, single and he’s gorgeous.

He splits his time between organising the staff in the warehouse and sitting opposite me in the office. I can’t stop looking at him.

I have been more than keen to show him the various office systems and where to get the best coffee. I think he likes me too.

I’m now selective about what clothes I wear, I’ve bought some new perfume and I’m having my nails done.

I long for him to kiss me.

I had sex with my husband twice last week as usual, and I closed my eyes imagining it’s my sexy new colleague making love to me.

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We are working late together all of next week.

The devil on one shoulder can’t wait to spend time alone with him, but the angel on the other shoulder tells me it’s time to find a new job.

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DEIDRE SAYS: If he likes you, it won’t take much to initiate an affair which could jeopardise your marriage and compromise your job.

This guy may seem to offer a bit of excitement compared with your husband’s predictable behaviour but a fling will complicate your life and someone will get hurt.

We can all still fancy people when we’re married or in long-term relationships but it’s whether we act on those feelings that counts.

If you want things to improve at home, tell your husband your relationship is lacking some va va voom.



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Insist that you’re going to book that holiday abroad, you’re going to have some date nights together, then it’s back home for a night of proper passion.

You may just bring out his fun side.

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