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IF you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your sex life, then it might be time to invest in a pair of sexual handcuffs.

From silicone to fluffy, from wrist and ankle restraints to harnesses that go around your whole body, handcuffs can come in many different forms.

We’ve rounded up our favourites so you can find your perfect fit.

1. Lovehoney black furry handcuffs

  • Lovehoney black furry handcuffs, £9.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

If you’re not used to using equipment in your sex life then furry black handcuffs like these ones from Lovehoney are a great place to start.

Comfortable on the skin and easy to undo with a lever – no key required – these are a great starting point.

The cuffs are lightweight and because they are so easy to remove, if you decide to ditch the cuffs, you’re in complete control.


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2. Purple reins body harness with wrist and thigh restraints


  • Purple reins body harness with wrist and thigh restraints, £29.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

These reins and body harness aren’t only sexual handcuffs, they offer restraint around your body in a number of different positions.

This works by putting the wearers knees close to their chest and their arms behind their back so they are completely tied up.

The cuffs are padded and the harness is fully adjustable so it works on different sizes.

3. Bondage boutique faux leather wrist cuffs

  • Bondage boutique faux leather wrist cuffs, £14.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

If you were to think of bondage, leather would likely come to mind so these sexual handcuffs are on brand.

But never fear if you’re vegan or veggie because these are faux leather and are strong enough to sustain some pretty intense bondage.

Pair them with ankle cuffs and further body restraints for a more in depth experience.

4. Bed of roses over-the-door restraint

  • Bed of roses over-the-door restraint, £11.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

This pink restraint is a simple option for beginners wanting to give a different type of bondage a go.

It’s adjustable for different heights and secures over any household door.

Plus, the padded cuffs are detachable so if you’re not fancying the whole shebang, use them separately.

5. Ann Summers studded buckle handcuffs

  • Ann Summers studded buckle handcuffs, £16 from Ann Summers – buy here

These studded sexual handcuffs are fastened and unfastened using a buckle – just like a watch – which puts the user in as much control as the non-user.

The gold link chain provides a good amount of resistance to any pulling so won’t break and the studs add a bit of extra punk to these cuffs.

A great option for beginners.

6. Candy hand cuffs

  • Candy hand cuffs, £2.79 from Find Me a Gift – buy here

This one’s a little different. If you’re into food in the bedroom and bondage then we’ve found the perfect combo of the two.

These candy hand cuffs are exactly what they say on the tin – candy and hand cuffs.

For only £2.79, buy a few to satisfy your hunger and sexual cravings.

7. Black beginners bondage set

  • Black beginners bondage set, £30 from Ann Summers – buy here

Ready to move out from just sexual handcuffs? How about giving a whole bondage set a go?

This one has been designed specifically for beginners and includes basics like wrist and ankle cuffs, an eye mask and a ball gag which are all easy to use.

This set gives you everything you need to branch further into the world of bondage.

8. Purple reins wrist or ankle cuffs

  • Purple reins wrist or ankle cuffs, £12.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

These cuffs can be used on wrists or ankles depending on how you’re feeling.

This is because they fasten and unfasten using velcro so the padded cuffs are adjustable.

These are made using durable nylon with no metal so are perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

9. Bondage boutique black lace collar and cuffs

  • Bondage boutique black lace collar and cuffs, £14.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

This set looks slightly different from some of the others on this list because the cuffs themselves are made from lace.

We love this one because it’s delicate while still performing it’s restrictive function by attaching all three cuffs (wrists and throat) with a gold chain.

Wear with lingerie for the full lacy effect.

10. Beginners under bed restraint kit

  • Beginners under bed restraint kit, £30 from Ann Summers – buy here

Spice up your bedroom antics by simply using your bed as a base. That may sound obvious but we mean a base for your restraints.

These restraints fit to any bed and the soft fastenings and quick release clips make these comfortable and easy to use.

Easily adjust the cuffs around your wrists and ankles to get all tied up.

11. Plush black faux fur handcuffs

  • Plush black faux fur handcuffs, £12 from Ann Summers – buy here

There’s no going wrong with a pair of fluffy black handcuffs.

These come with a key for that extra jeopardy but, if the key gets lost which is totally possible in the heat of the moment, they do also open with a lever.

The black fur makes these comfortable on the wrists and the metal chain is strong to resist any pressure put on it.

12. Quickie cuffs super strong silicone restraints

  • Quickie cuffs super strong silicone restraints, £9.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Flexible and strong, these sexual handcuffs made from silicone are durable and easy to use.

Because they are malleable, there’s no need for keys or clips, just slip them on, and when you’re done, slip them off. Easy.

Plus there’s some breathing room because they’re flexible so no digging into skin or need for padding.

Where to buy sex handcuffs

The best place to get sex handcuffs is from big retailers Lovehoney and Ann Summers.

This is mainly because they have a good selection to choose from and offer instructions on how best to use them.

How to use sex handcuffs during sex

First things first, before using any toys during sex you need make sure that everyone is comfortable and consenting.

Once that’s been established, the rest is truly up to you. If you prefer having your hands cuffed behind your back – great. Or maybe you enjoy them being over your head? Or perhaps you like them slotted through a bed frame.

Whatever it is you choose, it’s all about everyone having fun and experimenting to find what works best for you.

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