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A NEW study has revealed the best sex position for women by using an ultrasound scanner on a test couple.

Researchers measured blood flow and found that a tried and true method, with the assistance of a pillow, is the best way for women to achieve orgasm.

GettyA recent study has found that missionary, often dubbed a boring sex position, may be the best strategy to help women achieve better orgasms[/caption]

Researchers from private genecology clinic New H Medical in New York discovered that the best way to get blood flow to the clitoris is to have face-to-face relations with the male on top, despite widespread rumors that the missionary position is boring.

Using the ultrasound to measure blood flow, researchers analyzed a test couple while they got it on in five positions.

For 10 minutes each, the couple linked up face-to-face with the female above (Cowgirl), face-to-face while seated (Lotus), face-to-face with male above – with and without a pillow – and kneeling with female bent over.

The scans showed that face-to-face positions generally enhanced clitoral blood flow.

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Dr Kimberley Lovie led the team of researchers with the goal of producing “scientific research that evaluates the association between different coital positions and their ability to produce female orgasm,” the Daily Mail exclusively shared.

“The kneeling/rear entry position produces the least amount of direct clitoral contact, and resulted in a negligible increase in blood flow compared to the face-to-face positions,” researchers wrote.

They found that the pillow in missionary allowed for deeper penetration and a more effective orgasm.

Known as sex pillows or positioning pillows, they are usually firm and wedge shaped.

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Researchers said the pillows provide more precise and consistent pelvic angulation than the average pillow you sleep on.

They added that using one of the specialized pillows increases the amount of contact and pressure on the clitoris along with the depth of penetration.

It should be noted that women may have different responsiveness to stimulation in varied positions as men exert different degrees of thrusting forces, researchers said.

The scientists hope that the research will help clinicians and their patients in efforts to address sexual dysfunction.

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