How do you know if you’re with the wrong person? Ten signs from thinking about sex with others to skipping parties 0 144

SOMETIMES after months, years or even decades, that niggling feeling won’t budge.

Nikki Watkins explains how to know if you have settled for a less than ideal match.

ShutterstockHere’s how to know if you have settled for a less than ideal match[/caption]

You’ve stopped going to zumba

MAYBE you have lost yourself somewhere along the way.

Georgette Culley, the Sun’s sex and relationships contributing editor, says: “Think back to the start. Who were you then?

Getty – ContributorGeorgette says: ‘Think back to the start. Who were you then?’[/caption]

“Have you brought your hobbies, interests and dreams with you into the relationship or have you forgotten what really makes you tick?

“Sometimes we wear a mask to fit into the life of someone else, rather than being ourselves. This isn’t sustainable.

“Maybe you have an amenable personality and need to shout a little louder, or start making time away from your partner to pursue your interests.”

They skipped your family party

NOT spending time with each other’s families could be cause for concern.

Georgette says: “If you go to family gatherings alone or your partner sees his or her family without you, ask yourself why. Is one of you ashamed of the other or hiding something?

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“Maybe one of you doesn’t see this relationship as worth investing in long-term and therefore don’t feel the need to build bonds with the in-laws.

“It’s time to have a frank conversation and get to the bottom of this.”

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You nod along when friends slate him or her

ALARM bells should ring when family and friends start slating your other half and you don’t leap to their defence, says relationship coach Kate Mansfield.

She adds: “The truth could be that subconsciously you’re beginning to see this person isn’t a good fit for you and coming to a subliminal decision that this won’t last for ever — so your loved ones’ opinions don’t matter.”

AlamyDo your family and friends start slating your other half?[/caption]

You never argue

NEVER bickering sounds like a dream, but Kate believes if a pair cannot clear the air they are not well matched.

She says: “There will be a feeling of walking on eggshells and tension building, yet nothing ever gets spoken about and put to rest.

GettyNever arguing sounds like a dream but Kate believes if a pair cannot clear the air they are not well matched[/caption]

“This kind of avoidance of conflict is unhealthy and can lead to health problems, be­cause unexpressed anger is deadly.

“This issue often manifests in your sex life slowly dying, along with your spark for each other.”

You fall asleep in front of the TV

YOU might think nothing of nodding off in front of the telly.

Life is tough at the moment and many of us are exhausted.

Getty – ContributorGeorgette says: ‘If hanging out together leaves you snoozier than ever, this could be a sign you’re with the wrong person’[/caption]

But Georgette says: “If hanging out together leaves you snoozier than ever, this could be a sign you’re with the wrong person.

“Your partner should make you feel joyful and alive.

“But if feelings of exhaustion and being stuck are creeping in, this is a huge warning that some serious work needs to be done.”

People coo over you being BFFs

BEING your other half’s best mate may seem like a “couple goal”, but it can ultimately make you both miserable, says Kate.

She advises: “You sometimes need to differentiate between your best pals and your lover.

Getty – ContributorBeing your other half’s best mate may seem like a ‘couple goal’[/caption]

“If they are your only confidante you are seeing them in the ‘friend role’ and that is taking away your spark

“You are also becoming too reliant on one person for all of your emotional needs.

“In reality, we need a range of friends and family for this.”

You think about sex . . .  just not with them

MISMATCHED libidos is normal, according to Georgette.

But she adds: “If you can’t remember the last time you actually wanted to have sex with your partner, yet you are thinking about having sex with other people, or pleasuring yourself, something could be amiss.

AlamyGeorgette says: ‘If you can’t remember the last time you actually wanted to have sex with your partner, yet you are thinking about having sex with other people, something could be amiss’[/caption]

“Have you entered the friend zone?

“If you want to repair your sex life and bring the spark back, act fast — try counselling.

“Having no sexual attraction to your other half could spell doom.”

You don’t know how they vote

BEING unable to share your views with your partner could spell trouble.

Georgette says: “You don’t have to agree on everything.

Getty – ContributorYou don’t have to agree on everything in life but being unable to share your views with your partner could spell trouble[/caption]

“But if you are unable to have an honest conversation about politics, your future — from babies to where you want to live when you retire — or even what sex ­positions you like or dislike, this could mean your relationship will get stuck in a halfway house where you never fully open up to each other.

The longer this goes on, the more distant you will become.”

They say, ‘I love you’

YOUR partner mentions the three little words, but do you know why they love you, asks Georgette.

She says: “Do they love your feisty personality, your sense of humour, your drive — or maybe your jiggly bottom, your little boobs or your freckles?

Getty – ContributorGeorgette asks do you know why your partner says they love you?[/caption]

“If the love is authentic, you would know.

“If you don’t know, it could be that your relationship is one of convenience, or mutually beneficial for other reasons such as finance or childcare.

“But when these things change, ask yourself what’s left.”

You’re getting forgetful

EVER find yourself asking them a question you’ve already asked?

Kate says: “Not really listening is a clear sign you are not interested in what they have to say.

Getty – ContributorKate says: ‘Not really listening is a clear sign you are not interested in what they have to say’[/caption]

“Similarly, if your partner asks you the same questions over and over, or worse still, very rarely asks you anything about your life — work, friends, family — there is a clear disconnect between the two of you. It needs addressing.

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“Try putting away phones in the evening and having an uninterrupted conversation.

“If either of you still lacks interest or you have nothing to talk about, maybe whatever initially attracted you to each other has fizzled out.”

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