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CAN you imagine 400,000 people tuning in as you get intimate? Well, that’s what Lacey and Flynn do.

The couple share their best advice on how to have a better sex life . . .

Olivia WestLacey and Flynn have sex in front of thousands[/caption] Olivia WestThe couple share their best advice on how to have a better sex life . . .[/caption]


START with an exercise and write down what your parents told you about sex growing up.

A lot of shame can come from being told it is bad so it’s important to pinpoint where your fears came from.

Then write down the best and worst sexual experience you’ve ever had. What made them good or bad? Was it the sex itself or how it made you feel afterwards?

A little detective work goes a long way to understanding our emotions and our shame around sex.

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WHY do you want to make love? How do you want to feel afterwards? Are there ways you could make yourself more present in the moment?

Your intention paves the direction for the sex.

Are you doing it to become more connected to your partner or do you want to unlock new pleasure zones?

Work out what kind of sex you want first before you jump into bed.

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THIS might blow your mind but you’re allowed to talk during a romp.

There’s this idea that talking might make it less sexy. But that’s wrong.

You can speak up and it can be incredibly hot to do so. It doesn’t make you weird, it makes you authentic and confident.

Ask your partner what they want and don’t be afraid to say what you like and dislike.

Open up to each other about your deepest desires.


ARE you in a situation where your goal is to have an orgasm? Don’t fall into this trap because pleasure is a journey not a destination.

We want you to be in it for the whole experience and enjoy every touch, stroke, kiss . . . 

You need to reframe what pleasure is and enjoy the moment, don’t focus on the end goal.

Contrary to common belief, great sex doesn’t have to end with an orgasm.


YOU don’t need to be “in the mood” to have sex. You can have sex when you’re grumpy, sad, annoyed, happy – it doesn’t matter.

If you want good sex you need to have it even when you don’t fancy it. Get organised and approach your lovemaking like every other social activity in your life.

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Plan sex, write it in your calendar and show up even when you’re not feeling it.

You’ll maintain a great relationship with your partner and have a healthy, connected sex life.

For more advice and a free class see laceyandflynn.com

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The adult film industry, like any other industry, has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of its workers. This includes providing a safe working environment, protecting workers from physical and emotional harm, and ensuring that all acts are consensual. However, the nature of the adult film industry can make it difficult to ensure that these standards are met. Actors and actresses may feel pressure to perform acts that they are not comfortable with, and there have been instances of abuse and exploitation in the industry.

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