Wearing sunglasses makes people much likelier to ogle, researchers find 0 211

WEARING sunglasses makes people much likelier to ogle, researchers have found.

Those in shades lech over the scantily clad more often and for longer when nobody can see them doing it, they discovered.

AlamyWearing sunglasses makes people much likelier to ogle, researchers have found[/caption]

And oglers were even found to turn their heads away to disguise further what they were looking at. 

The researchers asked volunteers to gaze at images of fully dressed models and those posing in underwear.

Participants were secretly filmed doing the test while wearing sunglasses and also specs with clear lenses.

When people wore see-through glasses, they kept their gaze on the clothed figures.



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But once the shades were on, they ogled the undressed models more and for 20 per cent longer.

Writing in the journal Cognition, researcher Professor Veronica Dudarev, from the University of British Columbia, Canada, said: “People spontaneously looked more and for longer at the sexually provocative images when their eyes were camouflaged by sunglasses.”

The study involved 52 men and women aged between 18 and 28.

Sex therapist Phillip Hodson said: “Whether we are on the beach or in the pub, our eyes home in explicitly on bottoms and bosoms.

“It’s mainly an unconscious quest driven no doubt by the force of the mating-game.”

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