I’ve got natural HH-cup boobs – men ALWAYS make same joke and I have to wear granny bras to fit my ‘cantaloupe melons’ 0 196

GETTING along at school is hard enough, but for teenager Anya St James there was another big problem to contend with.

The young woman was just 13 years old when she first started getting ogled by her classmates, after her B-cups became DDs in the space of a year.

instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsAnya St James has been harassed by men since she was 13 years old[/caption] instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsThe retail worker’s boobs rapidly grew from B-cups to DDs in a year and now are HH[/caption]

The retail worker’s bust continued to bulge “one cup size each year” and now she compares her breasts to “cantaloupe melons”.

While many have expressed envy over her big bosom, Anya insists she “doesn’t want them” and would prefer to have smaller boobs so she could fit into nice tops and bras.

That’s not all. She’s constantly getting unwanted attention by men, who make crude comments on dating apps and in person too – insisting that they’d love to ‘motorboat’ her.

Anya, 19, from Gold Coast, Queensland, told The Sun: “When I was 14 and clearly underage, a group of adult men walked past and said, ‘Woah, you’ve got a nice pair of t**s love’.


Back off

I’ve got naturally big boobs and there’s a disgusting comment men always say


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“Another made an action like he was trying to motorboat me, it made me feel very uncomfortable and unsafe. I was clearly very young.

“It’s continued into adulthood and now, I find it very hard to date.

“Men constantly say they like me because they are ‘boob guys’ and ‘love big boobs’.

“It made me resent men for a while because it seemed like all they wanted was boobs, boobs, boobs or sex. No one wanted to get to know me or have a relationship.”

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‘My boobs won’t stop growing’

instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsAnya compared her boobs to the size of a ‘cantaloupe melon’[/caption] instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsAnya (right) in 2017, when she was wearing baggy jumpers to cover her boobs[/caption]

At school, Anya was harassed nonstop by the older students, who told her they liked that she had “bigger boobs than other girls” her age. 

The girls at school weren’t sympathetic, branding her a “s***” and saying whatever she wore looked “trashy”.

The bullying saw Anya go from being a Grade A student to having the “worst attendance in her year” – only going in a quarter of the time.

The constant attention led her to wear oversized jumpers and sweaters to cover her figure – even on the hottest days, when temperatures have soared to 40C.

Another problem Anya faced was finding clothes that would fit and now she has to resort to “grandma bras” because most shops don’t carry her size.

She said: “H-cup is the maximum most stores go. Currently, I’m a HH and fear they won’t stop growing. I don’t know how big they will be by the time I’m 20.”

Sports are also an issue and during her early teens, Anya had to quit trampolining and skipping because of the pain it caused her back, shoulders and neck.

Now she finds everyday activities like long walks, running, washing up and hoovering put strain on her body too. 

Anya has considered getting a breast reduction to help her live a normal life without pain and unwanted attention.

She added: “I’m scared about the future because the pain is already intense. I often need to lie down and rest after normal everyday activities and know it will only get worse.

“I have tried to weigh my boobs to understand how heavy they are but it’s not easy, they are the size of cantaloupe melons.

“Each of my boobs is the size of a small child’s head, imagine having two of those attached to your chest.”

Hard to date due to pervy comments

instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsAnya finds it hard to find love as men’s conversations turn sexual very quickly[/caption]

Anya struggles to date too, as men often resort to dirty talk in an attempt to flirt with her or turn conversations sexual very quickly. 

She said: “People come up to all the time and say, ‘Doesn’t your back hurt?’ and others just walk up and say ‘Boobs’ while pointing at them.

“One person told me, ‘Holy s***, you’ve got massive t**s’ and others say, ‘Sorry, I couldn’t help myself staring’.

“It gets really boring and I’m just sick of the abuse. It’s like they believe they are entitled to have sex with me or make comments.”

Anya explains there are better ways to flatter a woman or express interest without being overly sexual, which for her is “an immediate turn off”.

She said: “If I’m honest, I’m a very sexual person and am open with my sexuality, but guys need to remember how to talk to women. 

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“If you’re interested in a person, you should get to know them and bear in mind that it’s easy to tell someone’s intentions.

“Ask a nice question or something about the person. I know I would remember the nice person rather than someone who says I have nice boobs.”

instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsAnya gets pain whenever she goes on long walks or runs on the treadmill[/caption] instagram/kentuckyfriedcloudsShe’s trying to love her body and posts photos online as KentuckyFriedClouds[/caption]

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