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THE DATING world can be tough, and now women are exposing a horrifying new sex trend that proves why many would rather be single.

Sex and relationships expert Nadia Bokody highlighted the worrying issue in her latest column. 

Women are calling out men for their brutal messages, including some that fat-shameTik Tok Instagram/nadiabokodySex expert Nadia Bokody says women are boldly exposing abusive men by showing screenshots of their texting exchanges[/caption]

She wrote for News.com.au: “A study by Pew Research found 57 per cent of female dating app users have received unsolicited sexually explicit messages or photos, and a 2018 paper analysing dating platform messages confirms we’re disproportionably targeted by abuse and harassment perpetrated by straight men.

“This is highlighted in a new TikTok trend, where women boldly expose abusive men via screenshots of their texting exchanges.

“In a now viral clip, TikToker Cadigan Smith shares messages received from a man she previously dated, which rapidly go from warm and flattering to cold and abusive.

“The exchange begins with a text that reads ‘I really f***ing like you. Like wow, holy sh*t. You’re just the most beautiful girl,’ but a handful of messages in, the male texter’s tone takes a sharp turn.

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“‘I’m just not that attracted to your body and I feel like if this moves forward it would be fake.

“‘Like I don’t wanna lead you on and be talking to a girl I don’t really get turned on by’.. the message reads.”

Nadia said that many other women have jumped on board the trend and shared their own unsettling texts. 

One cruel message read: “To be honest you’re a little too overweight for me. You were crushing me.”

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Another said: “Tbh, you’re not hot enough for the attitude you have” and a third read: “F*** you a weird stupid b**ch!!!””

Nadia added: “The casual ease with which these messages are delivered – messages which reduce women to objects that exist exclusively as sexual currency to men – is a disturbing example of the inability many men have to fully humanise the women they feel entitled to access for sex. 

“And it’s not new.

“Instagram account Bye Felipe, which now has around half a million followers, was started by LA-based singleton Alexandra Tweten in 2014 as a vehicle for sharing screenshots of some of the abusive messages she’d received from men on dating apps. 

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“But it quickly exploded into an online phenomenon, attracting women from all over the world to share their own horrifying text exchanges with men, emphasising how ubiquitous the issue is.

“Platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which allow women to share these experiences at scale, are becoming part of a movement prompting increasing numbers of women to actively choose celibacy and singledom over potentially dehumanising interactions with men, and this is reflected in new research, which shows young people are having less sex than ever before.

“And the men who aren’t ready to confront this probably won’t like me for pointing it out, even when it benefits them to hear it. 

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“But I don’t need those men to get on board with this message. 

“Because like so many of the women who share these stories, I’m not here for men. 

“I’m here to remind women they’re worth more than what some guy who couldn’t even get them to orgasm made them believe.”

Not known, clear with picture deskOne woman showed how her date had said he wasn’t attracted to her body[/caption]

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