Why do people have sex? 9 reasons revealed 0 319

THERE many reasons why people have sex, although the majority of us do it “for fun”.

And there sometimes can be a difference in why men and women are prompted to have sex, with blokes citing physical reasons such as attraction, while women typically spurred on by emotions like love.

Other reasons that people gave for having sex are to burn calories and for revengeGetty – Contributor

1) Why do people have sex?

There are many reasons why people have sex, but a few themes have developed over the years.

Physical gratification

First and foremost, people often have sex simply because it feels good.

This can be for pleasure or simply tension relief – or physical desirability when you find your partner attractive.

Emotional reasons

Many romantic people express their love and commitment to one another through physical intimacy.

Sex can be a way to establish a secure, deep bond.


Some people may have sex as a way of boosting your self-esteem and confidence.


Sadly it can also because of duty or feeling pressure from obligation.

To achieve goals

Others may have sex because of what it helps them to gain, be it status or power.


And some people have sex as a means of revenge.


For less self-centred reasons, people can have intercourse with the end goal of having a baby.


Some people see sex as a way to gain an advantage in a relationship.

Mate guarding

Scientists found that people have sex to “ward off poachers” or competition.



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2) What are the differences between why men and woman have sex?

Researchers quizzed more than 4,500 people and found three reasons for sex among the top four for both men and women.

They were because it’s fun, because it feels good and for a desire to experience physical pleasure.

But other motivations varied significantly, the scientists from Ghent University Hospital in Belgium found.

The long list of reasons included boosting self-esteem, boredom, revenge, duty and to burn calories.

Study leader Dr Elia Wyverkens said: “Men tend to endorse reasons centring on visual sexual cues.

“In contrast, women are looking for expressions of love and commitment.”

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