Scots voted world’s best lovers in poll of greatest holiday flings 0 200

SCOTS have been voted the world’s best lovers.

They topped a poll of people asked to rate holiday flings they had in other countries.

Scots have been voted the world’s best lovers

Italians came second, followed by the French, then the English, Spanish and Americans.

The Portuguese, Irish, Swedish and Welsh complete the top ten.

Derek Simpson, 41, of Edinburgh, said he was not surprised at the findings of the poll by insurer Loveit Coverit.

He said: “Scots know how to charm the socks, and everything else, off folk and how to leave a good impression.”

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A spokesman for Loveit Coverit said that holiday flings were a part of a trip away, as well as ‘culture and food’.

Toby Stubbington said: “There’s so much to enjoy from being on holiday, whether it’s the culture, food, new experiences.

“Or in this case new people too.”

Those quizzed were asked to rate their holiday flings on a scale of one to ten, with those who gained between seven and ten points listed here:

  1. Scotland — 43 per cent
  2. Italy — 41 per cent
  3. France — 38 per cent
  4. England — 37 per cent
  5. Spain — 35 per cent
  6. America — 34 per cent
  7. Portugal — 32 per cent
  8. Ireland — 31 per cent
  9. Sweden — 31 per cent
  10. Wales — 30 per cent

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