Sexpert reveals the weird sexual brag men make that’s ‘utterly terrifying’ 0 229

A SEX and relationship expert has revealed the sexual brag that men make about the bedroom that “utterly terrifying”.

In her column for, Nadia Bokody said that she’s encountered men showing off that they don’t reciprocate in the bedroom.

nadiabokody/InstagramNadia Bokody claims that men are bragging about not caring about satisfying their partners in the bedroom[/caption]

She wrote: “One of the strangest displays of fragile masculinity I’ve witnessed to date though, is the idea being a #RealMan means sexually disappointing women, on purpose.

“I discovered this bizarre belief recently, via frequent protestations in the comment sections of TikToks I made joking about guys not being able to find the clitoris.

“At first, I thought the comments were satire, but as they continued to pile in, I realised they were in fact deadly serious.

“These men claim that, actually, they DEFINITELY DO KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THE CLITORIS IS, MMKAY? But, like, they just don’t care. 

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“Because ONLY SIMPS CARE ABOUT WOMEN’S ORGASMS, BRO! Reciprocally pleasurable sex? Ha! That’s for p***ies!”

She quoted one man as saying: “We all know the right spot and it’s not that we can’t find it, it’s we just don’t care”.

Nadia continued: “I’m sorry… WHAT?!!

“Are we actually at a point where caring about people other than yourself isn’t masculine?”

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The sex expert said that its “ironic” that while women are labelled as “dramatic” and “sensitive” for showing emotions, “we condition men to be so terrified of vulnerability, their own emotions end up bubbling over in arguably far more hyperbolic reactions.”

She continued: “Perhaps if we broadened the definition of what it means to ‘be a man’ and made room for a broad spectrum of emotions under the umbrella of masculinity, men could do as they’ve been instructing women to do throughout all of history, and: relax, learn to take a joke!

“And while you’re at it, guys, it wouldn’t hurt you to smile every once in a while.

“At the very least, please learn how to lose at a game of FIFA without putting a hole through the drywall.”

InstagramNadia said it is the strangest display of fragile masculinity she’s witnessed to date[/caption]

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