The six best sex positions for beginners that are ooooh-so easy but will still give you maximum pleasure 0 226

THERE’S no need to bend yourself into pretzel to have a good time.

These positions may be a bit vanilla but promise to leave you and your partner breathless for all the right reasons.

Rebecca DakinIf you’re a beginner or not confident in the bedroom, fear not[/caption]

If you’re not that confident in the bedroom there are some fool proof positions that will still get you there. – There being climax. not A&E.


It’s the God Father of sex positions – A classic that never gets old.

The intimate position promises lots of intense eye contact and deep thrusts.

Simply lay on your back and have your partner lay on top, this is a fantastic base to work from.

You can always make small changes as you go to find what feels good.

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Try changing the angle of your hips or raising you legs to find new sensations.


This one’s pretty self explanatory, your partner lays down while you straddle them.

It’s hard, pardon the pun, the mess this one up too.

You can use your arms on to balance on your partner’s chest if you need to, the most important thing is the bounce up and down.

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You can go as slow or as fast as you like, and can relieve any tension by leaning back so your weight rests more on their thighs.

Cowgirl’s helper

This one’s great for if you’re feeling a bit lazy, but still want all the pleasure normal cowgirl has to offer.

Start the same as you would with normal cowgirl, but your partner raises their hips to meet each thrusts, while also supporting some of your weight by grabbing your thighs.

You’ll find you’re able to last longer in this position as it puts less stress on your legs.


It’s the same as the spooning position when you’re cuddling, just bring your knees in slightly and let your partner enter you from behind.

The spoon is perfect for early morning sex, or for the days, or nights, when you aren’t feeling that energetic.

Perfect for a novice, this tantalizing position can be really intimate and loving if you want it to be.


This sex position is perfect you don’t have the energy for full doggy

It’s doggy with a twist, the more simple friend of a well loved classic, if you will.

Also referred to as ‘lazy doggy’ or ‘the speedbump’, this position involves laying face down, with your hips raised slightly.

It’s easy to relax while your partner enters you from behind, you can spice things up big moving your hips around slightly to create a different sensation.


For this position, your partner sits on the end of the bed or on a chair and you hop on top, facing them.

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You’re right next to your partner’s face with this one, so you can whisper in their ear, letting them know how it feels.

Since you’re both sat down, this one’s a great choice if you want to last longer and save some energy. – It’s a marathon, not a sprint after all.

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