We love short men like Zendaya – I had to wear flip flops at my wedding but our sex life is great & we wear heels in bed 0 423

ACTOR Tom Holland, who is 5ft 8in, has rubbished claims the height difference between him and actress girlfriend Zendaya, at 5ft 10in, is a problem.

Three women who are also taller than their partners reveal all.

Tom Holland, who is 5ft 8in, has rubbished claims the height difference between him and actress girlfriend Zendaya, at 5ft 10in, is a problemRex

‘I wore flip flops on our wedding day, Simon stood on a higher step for pics’

SPORTS therapist Tracey Disdel, 55, who is 6ft 1in, has been married to 5ft 8in Simon, 57, a retail clothing distributor, for 17 years.

Tracey, from Doncaster, is mum to Ollie, 11. She says: “I met Simon online in June 2003 when we were both living in London. I wanted to settle down and start a family but often found shorter men, who were just my type, were not interested.

I told Simon my height before we met and he wasn’t put off at all, saying it was my sense of humour he loved over anything else. We married two years later in April 2005.

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I wore flat, silk flip flops on the day, and for pictures Simon stood on a taller step.

Despite my height, I am never put off wearing heels and, if anything, Simon encourages me to wear them.

People who automatically judge couples with height differences are just wrong.

I don’t know why it’s acceptable for the man to be taller than the woman and not the other way around.

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People do point and comment on my height because we are so opposite.

I’m a size 10 with long, blonde hair and Simon is short, but we don’t care. If anything, it’s made us truly love one another for who we really are.

Simon is proof good things come in smaller – or shorter –  packages.”

Simon says: “I love Tracey’s height, I think it’s so glamorous. “From the moment I met her she made me laugh and height was never an issue.

“We’re proof that after 17 years of marriage it’s love, not height or other differences, that make a marriage work.

“I tell the younger lads to never be frightened to date a taller woman – they might get as lucky as me.”

‘We have sex six times a week – Luke loves my 39in legs and flexibility’

LIZZIE GROOMBRIDGE, 27, who is 6ft 3in, has been in a relationship with Luke Newcombe, 29 and 5ft 10in, for ten months. The pair, from Truro, Cornwall, earn a living from TikTok videos about their height difference.

Lizzie, mum to Rhuben, ten, Logan, seven, and Skyla, two, says: ‘As a teenager I was bullied terribly for being tall. People called me names like beanpole and stork and I was never invited to parties.

I constantly slouch because of my height and it’s hard because when I wear heels I am 6ft 6in.

During lockdown in June 2020 I decided to finally embrace being tall and set up a TikTok account posting fun videos of myself walking through doorways and ducking.

Within weeks my videos were amassing millions of views, and now I’ve reached more than 700,000 followers.

Luke and I met around ten months ago through the app, while he was working as a greenkeeper in Devon.

He liked all my videos and he slid into my DMs. We hit it off straight away.

He’d never dated a taller woman but admitted that when we first met last June, seeing me in the flesh was even better than on TikTok.

Within weeks he’d moved to Truro and we were an official couple.
He loves that social media has given me the confidence to show off my body.

We make love up to six times a week. He loves my 39in legs, flexibility and the fact I wear heels in the bedroom.”

Luke says: “Lizzie’s long legs are seriously sexy and I don’t care that I am much shorter than her.

“Showing off our height difference on social media doesn’t emasculate me. It’s liberating.

“I know from thousands of messages we get there are many jealous men out there who would love to date a tall woman but are scared of what their friends would say.”

‘People stare at us all the time, especially if I am wearing heels’

MUM-of-three Gemma Keough, 33, is 5ft 11in, five inches taller than husband Stephen, 33, a maintenance company owner, who is 5ft 6in.

Gemma, from Oldham, owns a modelling agency and is mum to Brianna, ten, Kenneth, seven, and Kayden, five. She says: “Stephen and I met at a friend’s party in June 2006. I was wearing heels and stood at over 6ft.

While the other men were avoiding me, Stephen started chatting me up, telling me he loved my long legs.

On the night we met, we looked like Little and Large, but Stephen was a breath of fresh air.

He’d never dated a woman taller than him but he fell in love with my long legs, especially in the bedroom.

We often get asked to model together as a family. We’ve done work for big companies and the fact I am taller is something agencies love.

We do get stared at all the time, especially if I am wearing heels. Some people have even joked about the height difference in bed, but it doesn’t make a difference and that’s just childish.

We’re a team. We know how to utilise the height difference in all aspects of life. Stephen isn’t afraid to ask me to reach anything in high cupboards.”

Stephen says: “The height difference doesn’t intimidate me. I find her height sexy and a turn-on.

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“If you aren’t intimidated by height, then you are a real man and don’t need to prove anything.

“Any bloke who hasn’t dated a taller woman is definitely missing out.”

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