I tried out the ‘three-minute rule’ for housework, exercise and having sex – I was stunned by results 0 226

IS THERE a dreaded job on your to-do list you keep putting off?

You are not alone. A whopping 85 per cent of us are guilty of swerving important must-do tasks.

The SunExperts believe that when a task – including sex – is shortened to just 180 seconds, 98 per cent of participants persevered with it for longer[/caption]

But experts believe the trick to tackling boring jobs could be as easy as one, two, three  . . . minutes.

In a trial, psychologists at Oxford University found that when a task was shortened to just 180 seconds, 98 per cent of participants persevered with it for longer.

Sun writer and self-confessed “queen of procrastination” Georgette Culley admits that she often puts things off until the 11th hour.

Here she tries out the three-minute rule.

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I USUALLY spend more than £60 a month on waxing, but with the cost of living soaring I’m ­having to cut back on luxuries.

I’m still determined to be fuzz-free, though, so I opt for some £1 strips from Poundland.

I cringe as I press the pink, sticky paper on to my leg and count to five before ripping it off.

It takes me about ten attempts to actually do it properly – but not only has the wax taken off the hair, it has ripped a layer of my skin off too, and I’m left with a big, red patch.

There is no way I can do this chore in three ­minutes – with my pathetic pain threshold I’d be here all day.


Olivia WestIf you stay on top of dusting and do a couple of minutes a day, it won’t build up[/caption]

I HAVE forgotten what the living room rug looks like under all the toy train tracks, crayons and teddies strewn across the floor.

It feels as if it will take me ages to sort through – but I tell myself that a lot can be achieved in three minutes.

I set the timer and manage to pack away a box of toys in two minutes.

I’m admiring my tidy floor when my son totters back in and tips the whole box over again, scattering toys everywhere. Sigh.

I move on to the blinds. My nan told me that if you stay on top of dusting and do a couple of minutes a day, it won’t build up – and she’s right.

Impressively, in less than three minutes I’ve ­finished the shutter blinds in the living room.


THERE’S no such thing as a quick phone call with my mother, so I usually put it off until I’m in the mood for a long natter.

But if I could make a call in three minutes to check in on her, that would be great – so I slyly choose a time when I know she’ll be going out for her Sunday roast.

This way, I figure, she’ll have to end the call first rather than me always feeling like the bad guy when I hang up. It works a treat and I’m off the line in less than three minutes. Result! (Sorry, Mum.)


AFTER receiving an eye-wateringly high energy bill, I’m dreading opening the post at the moment.

But I take my mum’s advice and rip off the plaster – or should that be envelope? – containing the next.

Surprisingly, my water bill is not as bad as I had thought. After three minutes I’m on a roll, so I decide to tackle more bills.

I end up spending 20 minutes on admin and have a smug feeling of satisfaction when I neatly file all the paperwork away.

Who is this new me?


AFTER a long, cold winter the lawn is an overgrown mess so I decide to take matters into my own hands and use my partner’s beloved lawnmower.

It is not a huge area that needs doing so I reckon I can complete the job within three minutes if I move quickly.

Not only did completing the task feel good, but the vitamin D from the sunshine helped lift my spirits too.

Afterwards, I am pleased with the result and get out the deckchairs to celebrate with a sit-down and a well-deserved glass of wine.


Olivia WestGeorgette felt younger and revitalised after using her anti-ageing LED mask[/caption]

I’VE had an anti-ageing LED mask for months but have still not taken it out of the box because I didn’t think I would have time to use it.

But a three-minute light therapy pamper session sounds perfect.

However, I end up looking like the psycho from horror film Halloween and give my son a fright.

Despite looking ridiculous, I find it relaxing and lose track of time as I finally unwind and switch off.

Afterwards I feel younger, revitalised – and pleased that I have finally got round to using it.


MOST of us don’t have the energy for a sexathon after a hectic day at work, but three minutes seems manageable enough.

I secretly set the egg timer and pounce on my boyfriend.

After he’s recovered from the shock of my spontaneous burst of passion, our quick-fix session turns into a long, satisfying encounter.


Olivia WestExperts say that quick spurts of exercise can be more beneficial than slogging away in the gym for hours[/caption]

EXPERTS say that quick spurts of exercise can be more beneficial than slogging away in the gym for hours, which suits me as I’m pretty lazy.

So three-minute runs four or five times a day are perfect for my busy schedule, as I can fit them in around my son and work.

I set my alarm and get going.

Knowing that I only have to do it for three minutes fills me with joy and I have more energy and run faster.

I actually break into a sweat, which I rarely do when I’m jogging for 20 minutes.

And the best bit about it is you don’t even need to leave your house.

You can jog on the spot for three minutes or sprint around your garden.


Olivia WestAfter three Georgette had washed up several glasses and dishes – it actually took less time than putting them into the dishwasher[/caption]

THE matriarchy is alive in our household as my man does the majority of the housework.

On the rare occasions that I contribute, I ­normally just stuff dirty plates into a dishwasher.

But after a terrifying gas and electricity bill quoting more than £4,500 for a year’s energy, my partner is making us wash everything up by hand and claims it only takes “a couple of minutes”.

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So I set the timer and get cracking.

After exactly three minutes, I have washed up several glasses and dishes left on the side from last night and it actually took less time than putting them into the dishwasher – although I won’t admit this to my partner.

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Lensa AI app could be used to create erotica or porn 0 42

In recent days, the Lensa app, a service that uses a neural network to create drawn portraits, has gone viral. To generate drawings, you have to upload 10 to 20 of your portrait photos to the app, from which the program will generate an avatar. But the app has proven easy to trick so that it creates soft porn.

Internet users say that if you upload topless photos to Lensa, the app disables the NSFW filter and generates nudes. 

In general, the idea of uploading your photos to a questionable app seems bad to many. The owners of the service assure that users’ photos are deleted after 24 hours, but it is impossible to check whether this is true. In addition, such services have repeatedly allowed leaks of users’ personal data.

The Lensa application is a SaaS product of Russian developers Prisma Labs. This is especially disturbing for the residents of Ukraine, where the application has also gone viral: Ukrainian journalists urge citizens not to give their personal data to Russians, because considering the work of Russian special services, no one can guarantee a sufficient level of security when using programs written by the enemy. To use Lensa, each user has to accept the rules – to agree to the training of the neural network in order for it to work more correctly. Photos go to Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services cloud storage – and, according to the developers, are deleted from there in 24 hours after being processed in Lensa. 

Lensa’s creators assure that users remain anonymous. The app doesn’t specifically ask them for access to metadata such as geolocation. However, the metadata that identifies the user can be linked to the photo that the person uploads to the app. But the Lensa team promises that photos are cleared of metadata before they are saved to Lensa systems.For now, Lensa AI is available for private use, although it may well offer its services to corporations. To do so, they will need B2B SaaS marketing.

xQc shocked to see his girlfriend making out with an adult film actress on live TV 0 69

Beer pong might be a good idea, what could go wrong? On that basis , streamers xQc and Adin launched the live stream a few days ago without fear of what might happen . Both North American content creators have spent hours playing games with their partners.

The girls in question have a long history online, especially in the case of Sky Bri, Adin’s alleged partner. She is an adult film actress and has participated in various streamers before, always displaying an aggressive and overt sexuality.

After playing beer pong and drinking alcoholic beverages, NYYXXII somehow asked permission to kiss Sky Bri. – May I kiss her? Kayla asked Adina. After a look and another question to his partner, NYYXXII approached Sky Bri to eventually kiss her with an implied passion that undoubtedly influenced the young Canadian streamer.

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