I’m a sex therapist – everyone knows about the G-spot but it’s the A-spot that leads to intense arousal – how to find it 0 198

MANY people know about the pleasurable G-Spot but do you know where your A-spot is located?

A sex therapist has opened up about the lesser-known erogenous zone and revealed exactly how to find it and how to stimulate it for pleasure.

@drkatebalestrieri/TiktokDr Kate Balestrieri shared how you should find and stimulate your A-spot for incredible arousal[/caption]

Taking to TikTok, Dr Kate Balestrieri said: “Yes, there is an A-spot, it is the anterior fornix erogenous zone and this is located on the vaginal wall slightly above the G-spot.

“Unlike the G-spot, it doesn’t necessarily lead to orgasm but stimulation of the A-spot creates an incredible amount of arousal and adds to the amount of lubrication that someone with a vagina might feel during stimulation.”

The A-spot is located between the cervix and the bladder, and is four to six inches within the vagina, an inch or two above the G-spot.

If you locate the G-spot, reach a few inches deeper into the vagina to find the A-spot and then caress it with your fingers in a side-to-side motion.

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A-spot stimulation can also help lubricate women and relieve dryness.

On her @drkatebalestrieri account, the sex therapist said: “So do not overlook the A-spot, do not overlook the G-spot, just have a good time.

“Listen to your partner and what they like.”

Many people revealed they didn’t know about the A-spot, with one saying: “I’m learning this at 29. But I’m sure people lived their whole life not knowing this. Feeling good.”

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I was disgusted my chunky boots from ASOS came with two distressing extra items @drkatebalestrieri/TiktokThe A-spot is located between the cervix and the bladder, and is four to six inches within the vagina, an inch or two above the G-spot[/caption]

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