Brits reveal their top 10 sex fantasies they simply have to do before they die – so which ones are on your bucket list? 0 259

DO you have a burning desire for something, or someone, in the bedroom?

You’re not alone.

Two thirds of couples have a secret list of saucy stuff they want to try, research shows

Two thirds of couples have a secret list of saucy stuff they want to try, research shows.

While women most want to recreate a movie or TV sex scene, guys want to get frisky with a celeb crush. Other top desires include a dirty weekend and sex with a stranger, according to affairs site

From trying tantric to bonding over bondage, The Sun’s resident sexpert reveals how you can explore five of the top fantasies sensually — and safely.


MORE than half of us have acted out our favourite sex scene from a TV show, film or book.

If you like the passionate “kissing in the rain” scene between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook then share a shower with your partner with your T-shirt and underwear on, and with the movie’s soundtrack ­playing in the background.

Or if Bridgerton leaves you hot under the collar, invest in a sexy corset to get into character.

TV beauty Danielle Lloyd, 38, bought several bodices to recreate ALL of the steamy scenes with her husband, electrician Michael O’Neill.


You don’t need to jet off abroad to turn up the heat with your partner

YOU don’t need to jet off abroad to turn up the heat with your partner as forecasters claim we could see highs of 28C next month.

Do your research and find a secluded spot on a beach away from prying eyes and kids.

Don’t go at peak times, but instead choose a weekday when it’s more likely to be quiet.

Ramp up the romance by taking a picnic packed with foods that will get you in the mood.

Not only is it massively erotic to seductively feed strawberries dipped in chocolate to your partner, but the fruit is high in vitamin C, which improves blood flow and increases testosterone, upping your chances of orgasm.


Four X-rated sex moves are scientifically proven to hit the spot

THERE are four X-rated sex moves scientifically proven to hit the spot.

Angling — no, not fishing — is a technique that involves the woman rotating, raising or lowering the pelvis during sex.

Rocking is where the girl is on top and grinds back and forth, while Shallowing is a move that controls the depth of penetration.

More than 75 per cent of women do not orgasm from penetrative sex alone so add a helping hand or a sex toy — a technique called Pairing.

Why not try all four together to achieve a four-gasm.


TANTRA is a great way to increase tension, intimacy and connect on a deeper level with your partner to enjoy better and longer orgasms.

A few times a week, ditch the PJs and practise ten minutes of tantra in bed with your other half before you go to sleep.

Slowly explore each other’s naked bodies with your hands and synchronise your breathing but RESIST having intercourse.

While it may be tough, this will help build desire and arousal in the long run.


If you’re the one in control, cover your lover’s eyes with a sexy blindfold Handcuffs are the safest way to restrain your partner or be restrained

DECIDE who is going to be the “dom” and who will be the “sub”.

If you’re the one in control, cover your lover’s eyes with a sexy blindfold to start. Taking away their vision will send their other senses wild.

Until you learn the ropes, handcuffs are the safest way to restrain your partner or be restrained.

To begin, use comfy furry ones rather than metal ones so they don’t dig in.

Use the traffic light code to communicate what you like and dislike. Green for yes, amber for maybe and red for no.

Check out furry handcuffs, £9,99,


If Kim Kardashian turns you on, go shopping with your partner for a sexy latex bodysuit

YOU don’t need to get saucy with a star to achieve A-lister action between the sheets.

Buy your partner an outfit that best resembles your celebrity crush and experiment with some fun roleplay.

If Kim Kardashian turns you on, go shopping with your partner for a sexy latex bodysuit, loved by the reality TV star.

Check out The Captivating Cami Suspender, £35,


KINKY apps such as Feeld or 3Somer have made it easier than ever to have a three-way.

But if your partner isn’t up for inviting a stranger into your bed, there are clever ways you can fake a threesome by opening up your personal space.

Having sex in front of the window with the curtains open is a good way to get turned on by the thought of someone else watching.

You could also watch a naughty porn movie together or add a smart sex toy to your session, which works by itself without either one of you holding it.

Check out the We-Vibe X remote control vibrator, £99.99,


It’s normal to fantasise about other people

IT’S normal to fantasise about other people and it doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong in your ­relationship.

More than 80 per cent of women and 98 per cent of men admit   thinking about someone else in bed other than their partner, so don’t beat yourself up if you are having these fantasies.

Instead initiate “just-met” roleplay with your partner and pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time at a bar.

After a few drinks, imagine you’re “booking into a cheap hotel” for a wild night of passion to make it feel more like a naughty one-night stand.


Bring memories of your early love to life by re­creating your first date

IT’S easy to reminisce over our young­er, carefree days but don’t forget sex with an ex is unlikely to ever be as good as you remember.

Concentrate on your current partner and think back to the early, heady days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

Bring those memories to life by re­creating your first date.

Studies show women who are romanced are more likely to feel in the mood.

Take her to the first restaurant you visited togeth­er and surprise her with a memory book of your favourite pictures to revive those lusty feelings.


Pack off the kids for a dirty weekend at home

WOMEN are more likely to feel sexy and turned on when their surroundings are tranquil and uncluttered, research shows.

So pack the kids off to their grandparents and whisk your partner off for a dirty weekend . . . at home.

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Tidy up the house and roll out the red carpet for her. To start, treat her to a home-cooked meal with a bottle of bubbly and book her in for a “spa” treatment at home.

Run a romantic, bubblebath then spoil her with a sensual rub using a massage candle to turn her on. Try the Oh! Vanilla massage candle, £6.99,

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