I ended up in hospital after having sex with my partner, it was so passionate I fell down a flight of stairs 0 341

A WOMAN has revealed how she ended up in A&E after passionate love making with her partner saw her fall down the stairs.

Beth and her fiance Danny shared a flat with her brother, and so took any opportunity they could for a little alone time.

Beth ended up in hospital after a passionate night of love making She and her fiance Danny fell down a flight of stairs and Beth broke a rib

So when returned from a night out to discover her brother wasn’t home one evening, they found themselves a little overexcited. 

Speaking on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, Danny said: “We barely made it to the front porch before shoes and socks start coming off.

“My master plan was to try and seduce her and pin her up against the bedroom wall when she came in.

“I guess I couldn’t control myself, I was like a raging bull.”

As Danny pushed Beth against the bedroom door, it broke off and saw the pair crash down the stairs.

Beth was left with extreme carpet burn, but insisted she didn’t need to go to the hospital and went to bed.

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However, she awoke in the night to an extreme pain in her side, and with Danny’s head beginning to hurt the couple decided to take the trip to the hospital.

While Danny’s headache was quickly diagnosed as a hangover, Beth wasn’t quite as lucky with an X-ray revealing she had broken her ribs.

“Once I realised there was really nothing they could do it was a moment of feeling helpless,” Beth said.

Danny added: “It was the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to me.”

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