I thought my boyfriend was cheating when I found a woman’s dress – then I did an Instagram deep-dive and was horrified 0 259

A WOMAN explained that she found another woman’s dress at her boyfriend’s house on her “weekly search” and decided to put it on and invite him round to see his reaction.

The TikToker explained that she usually looks through her fella’s things and this time she found a red minidress.

tiktok/@123pam321The TikToker explained that she does a weekly search of her boyfriend’s house[/caption] tiktok/@123pam321She explained that she realised he was cheating when she found another woman’s dress[/caption]

The savvy girlfriend went online and found a girl he followed on Instagram was pictured wearing the dress.

In the video, she said: “I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me when I was doing my weekly search and found this.”

While the “weekly search” concept is highly dubious, she recreated her exploration with a few hilarious clips.


After having a dig around the woman came across a red minidress that wasn’t hers.

She said: “After a deep Instagram search dive, I found a girl he was following wearing it.”

Once again performing a reenactment of the scene, she showed herself crying into a Burger King takeaway and looking on her computer.

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She said: “I put it on and asked him to come over to see his reaction.”

She then posed in the frock and positioned herself on her bed ready for his response on arrival.

Fellow TikTokers were impressed by the ballsy response to uncovering his deception.

One said: “U DID NOT.”

Another said: “I want to see his reaction.”

Sadly, the influencer didn’t reveal what her bloke’s response was when he realised he had been caught red handed, but we would have loved to be a fly on the wall.

tiktok/@123pam321She launched a fast food-fuelled Instagram search for more information[/caption] tiktok/@123pam321She then put on the red frock and invited him over to see his reaction[/caption]

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