Sexpert shares why it’s NORMAL to stop having sex over Christmas & how to get your spark back 0 251

DID your visions of warming up under the sheets this Christmas fizzle out to a big fat festive nothing?

Well you’re not alone. A sexpert has revealed how, contrary to societal pressure, it’s NORMAL to stop having sex over Christmas.

InstagramRom coms have led us all astray, it’s NORMAL to stop having sex over Christmas, an expert reveals[/caption]

Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, told stress “has a habit of bringing out the worst in us, and it’s usually our intimate relationships that bear the brunt.

“The real deathblow? This often translates to a drop-off in physical intimacy.”

Women are most affected by this – with one Stanford University study looking at over half a million women’s annual sexual activity logs and finding a steep decline in sexual interest around Christmas.

If you’re keen to get things going again, there are some ways to reignite that spark.

Instead of suddenly trying it on in the bedroom tonight, Nadia recommends laying some groundwork first.

She says: “Connective acts like holding hands, extended eye contact and kissing are all linked to decreased cortisol and a boost in the feel-good, calming hormone oxytocin.

“Ironically, the more of these non-sexual activities you participate in, the greater likelihood there is you’ll end up getting it on under the mistletoe after all.

“Because the calmer we feel, the easier it is to become sexually aroused.”

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And if things are already a bit strained, try not to snap at your partner when all that forced family time gets a bit much.

Nadia says: “We should also probably cut our partners some slack if they’re not exemplifying Christmas cheer.”

After all, we’re all a rollercoaster of emotions during the last couple of weeks of the year, especially during a Covid-19 Christmas.

Nadia previously shared the bedroom act all women hate and why blokes need to listen up.

nadiabokody/InstagramBut you CAN get the spark back for the tail end of December, Nadia Bokody says[/caption]

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