I review sex toys for a living – my partner HATES it but my 79-year-old dad always asks me for recommendations 0 444

A GRAN who reviews sex toys for a living has revealed her partner can’t stand her job – but she’s always giving her elderly dad tricks of the trade. 

Edwina, 56, spends “99 per cent” of her time in the bedroom and can have up to six orgasms on a “good testing day”.

EdwinaEdwina has been in the sex toy industry for over 30 years[/caption]

But despite reviewing the latest toys for both men and women, her partner – who does not wish to be named – refuses to join her at work.

“My partner is dead set against it,” Edwina told The Sun Online.

“He was raised in a very modest household and sex is something that is kept in the bedroom between a man and a woman. 

“He is the complete polar opposite but he respects what I do – because I have done it for so long, I enjoy it and I’m good at it.”

The sex-savvy gran from Indiana, USA, is sent products in the post to personally test before giving her feedback on BedBible.com and the site’s YouTube page.

She starts by testing each product “clothed” before trying them out for herself.

And although her partner doesn’t join in, the rest of her family are always keen to learn more.

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“I’ve had my dad come and say what have you got in your collection?” Edwina said.

“He’s a widower and he’s not out on the dating scene because he’s almost 80. 

“I’m like no problem I’ll fix you right up – I put everything in a bag, tie it up and say if you want to know how to use it go on YouTube I have a video.”

Edwina will spend “a good hour so” playing with each new product she receives, before testing its function properly.

Then, when she’s “in the mood”, she’ll “get in the bathtub or turn down the lights before bed and write down what I learned the next day”.

“First and foremost comes quality and the overall construction of the toy,” she explained.

“Then we look at function – how many speeds does it have, just vibration or does it have pulsation?”

First and foremost comes quality and the overall construction of the toy, then we look at function.

EdwinaProduct reviewer

The proof should then come in the pudding.

Of the number of orgasms she can have “on a good testing day”, Edwina said: “It depends on the toy. Myself, probably on a good day four, five or six.”

The mum-of-three has always been open about sex toys with her kids and has even had help from them while testing in the past.

And she thinks more parents should talk openly about masturbation with their kids.

She said: “My daughters had vibrators before they lost their virginity.

“They both grew up thinking sex toys, masturbation and things like that were completely normal. 

“Some parents might not agree with that but I told my girls learn to take care of yourself first and then you will be able to pass that onto your partner.”

Edwina added: “It’s important to be open to your children about these kind of things, and once you know your own body and what turns you on that’s something you can share with your partner down the road.”

EdwinaEdwina tests a range of the latest products on the market[/caption] EdwinaEdwina pictured with her daughter Michaela[/caption] EdwinaEdwina tests products for men and women – but just tests men’s products by feel[/caption] EdwinaEdwina said she loves her job – but her partner does not get involved[/caption]

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