I’m a doctor and this is why the average penis size is SHORTER than you think 0 212

A DOCTOR has revealed why the average penis size may be much shorter than you think.

Men often compare the length of their shaft against “the average” to see whether their own is on the smaller or larger end of the scale. 

AlamyThink you have a small penis? It’s likely bigger compared to the average[/caption] Jam Press/@tonyyounmdDr Anthony Youn says study samples to measure penis length are often skewed to a larger man[/caption]

The NHS says most men’s penises are somewhere around 9cm (3.75in) long when flacid, and between 13cm to 18cm (5in to 7in) when erect 

But Dr Anthony Youn (@tonyyounmd), a plastic surgeon with 7.3 million TikTok followers, suggested these measurements – and those worldwide – are probably wrong.

Replying to another video where a woman says she prefers the “average length” of 5 inches to something larger, Dr Tony said: “Studies show that the average length of a man’s erect junk is 5.15 inches.

“But the real length is probably less than that because most men with small wieners probably wouldn’t consent to being involved in those studies.”

Joking with a fellow online medic who posts as @TheRealTikTokDoc, Dr Tony added: ‘That means Dr Ricky Brown probably isn’t in the first percentile like he thinks but probably more like the fifth.”

The clip had over 422,000 views and hundreds commented to thank the doctor for the information.

One wrote: “I feel better about myself now thank you.”

Researchers have previously admitted their conclusions on penis size may be skewed.

Men that volunteer in surveys may not be honest.

When the London clinic International Andrology asked 1,000 blokes about penis sizes, the responses found the average erect length in the UK is 6.36 inches.

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But when King’s College London researchers measured 15,000 penises in 2015, they found the average member when erect was 5.16in.

They didn’t rely on self-reporting, which can be bias.

However, the team acknowledged their results may have been wrong based on the possibility that men who volunteer to be examined may be more confident in their penis size than the general population, Business Insider reported.

Research has also shown that men often think that the average penis size of their peers is larger than it truly is.

A paper published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy said most men think a penis is 6in when erect, on average.

But this belief is in part because studies that have measured penis length have relied on self-reporting, and participants may have lied or exaggerated a little.

In fact, most studies say average penis size length is between 5.1 and 5.5in, “but after taking volunteer bias into account, it is probably toward the lower end of this range”, the paper said. 


Experts argue that men worry about their penis size far too much.

A study based on the results of an internet-based survey of more than 50,000 men and women revealed that 45 per cent of men would like a larger penis. 

But excessive concern was higher among men with average-sized penises than men with smaller ones, the NHS says.

The report by Professor Kevan Wylie, a consultant in sexual medicine at the University of Sheffield, also showed that women don’t care about their partner’s penis size as much as they do.

A much higher percentage of women (85 per cent) were satisfied with their partner’s penis size than the percentage of men (55 per cent) who were satisfied with their own penis size.

Concern over penis size is typically rooted in whether it will be sexually satifying for a partner.

While some studies have suggested this is true, others have shown that “bigger” is not always “better”.

One survey of 4,700 women found the best penis size for women to climax is eight inches – but any bigger and the orgasm rates drop.

In fact, men with a whopping 11-inch member got 30 per cent of women to reach climax, which is the same proportion for men with a four inch penis.

Another study asked what size women prefer in a relationship compared with a one-night stand.

Researchers found that the average length women preferred for a long-term relationship was 6.3 inches, but for one-night stands, women opted for slightly bigger penises, with a length of 6.4 inches.

Experts say when it comes to great sex, size doesn’t matter – it’s about “whether you are romantic, tender and sensitive to their needs and desires“.

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