Reality stars’ cheekiest bedroom boasts – from sleeping with 700 men to Love Islander who has sex EIGHT times a day 0 238

LET’S be honest, our favourite reality stars just can’t resist a bit of over-sharing – especially when it comes to their sex lives.

From orgies to voyeurism, these celebs have been pretty open about some of their wildest bedroom antics.

Belinda Love / InstagramBelinda Rygier has confessed to bedding over 700 men[/caption] Ferry has had some kinky sexual encounters[/caption]

This week, Belinda “Love” Rygier, star of Australia’s version of The Bachelor, admitted that she had slept with over 700 men.

Here, we take a look at other reality TV stars who have been honest about what they get up to between the sheets.



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Shannon Singh

Shannon confessed to having lots of sex and even said she has done it in a loo

Love Island star Shannon may only have lasted a day in the villa last year, but she has made waves with a number of raunchy confessions.

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Before going on the show, the OnlyFans model shocked many when she said she has sex eight times in a day.

The Scottish beauty said: “Not every day but I have a lot of sex. I am very sexually active.”

Explaining how she has gotten frisky in the toilet before, she also added: “I quite like a bit of rough and tough. I kind of like it rough and I love a bit of morning sex. I love it.”

Shannon has recently said she is not ashamed about opening up about her sexuality and hopes to encourage other women.

“I want to empower women and if I can stop the stereotype of Asian women and not owning who you are and being afraid to show your body and all this stuff, if I can be an advocate for that then, of course, I will be,” she said.

Gemma Collins

gemmacollins/InstagramGemma Collins says she is having the best sex of her life in her 40s[/caption]

The GC has never been one to bite her tongue about any situation – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last year, the former TOWIE star, 41, said her sex life with her fiance Rami Hawash is the best it’s ever been.

She also admitted that she’s open-minded and that “anything goes” when it comes to sex.

She told The Mirror: “Me and Ram, at the end of the day, that fire, that passion – it’s always been there. 

“I’m ready to go all the time… I’ve got plenty of energy. I’m good to go whenever the mood takes.”

Gemma also admitted that her sex life only gotten better with age.

She added: “I think in your forties it’s like ‘Yeah baby – let’s do this!’ Anything goes.”

Alex and Olivia Bowen

InstagramAlex and Olivia admitted to making a 45-minute sex tape in a hotel[/caption] David CummingsThe pair fell in love during the third season of Love Island[/caption]

They are one of the most successful couples in Love Island history after falling for each other in the show’s third season.

And the secret to new parents Alex and Olivia Bowen‘s longevity might be their kinky sex life.

Earlier this year, they had fans floored when they opened up that they had made a 45-minute sex tape in a hotel room while drunk.

Speaking on their Double Dating podcast, Alex, 31, said: “So, we had this camera that Liv was recording all of her make-up thing on, and then we went on a night out, whatever, got really p****d, went back, had sex, and then we filmed it on this camera.

“And then the next day, we were getting up late, packing – and when I say we recorded something on camera, we recorded some stuff on camera – and I left the camera in the [hotel] room and I didn’t realise for like a day and a half that it was there!”

Luckily for the couple, they were able to get the camera back after contacting staff at the hotel – although they aren’t too sure whether they looked at what was on the camera.

Olivia, 28, also previously said she sends Alex naughty text messages while he’s in the next room to spice up their sex life.

Gaz Beadle

Gaz Beadle said he has slept with over 1,000 womenStepOne

Back in 2015, the Geordie Shore star, 34, gave an Australian radio host the shock of her life when he admitted he has romped with over 1,000 women.

When questioned about the outrageous number he simply replied, “That’s my job” and revealed one of his kinky trysts in the country.

He said: “On one of my tours I was here for 10 days. I had eight threesomes and two foursomes.”

Gaz also recently claimed that he has enjoyed romps with five sets of identical twins.

He even kept a spreadsheet with all his sexual encounters.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I stopped counting when I got to a certain number. I had a spreadsheet on my computer up until about 700 girls.

“It was an Excel spreadsheet so I could just log in whenever and put dots down when I’d done another girl.”

These were all before Gaz settled down with his wife Emma McVey with whom he shares two kids.

Chloe Ferry

InstagramChloe Ferry admitted she watched fans having sex in Instagram videos[/caption]

During her time on Geordie Shore, Chloe, 26, got up to some raunchy antics and was even seen having sex in one of the episodes.

It is no surprise then that fans have tagged her in over 20 sex tapes.

In a video posted on her Instagram page in 2020, she said: “Don’t get us, wrong guys, we can all be a little bit horny at times but to be tagged in 20 things on my Insta story of people having sex, I just didn’t expect it”.

She added: “I’ve been tagged in about 20 and yeah I did watch some, I did!”

Last year, Chloe’s best pal Charlotte Crosby admitted that the pair enjoyed secret romps over a three-day period.

On her Values and Vibrators podcast, she said: “She took advantage, we did have a lesbian experience and we were in love for three days.

“There was a lot of jealousy. I got very jealous over Chloe if she looked at other girls.”

Anton Danyluk

Anton had an orgy with four men and a woman on holiday

Former Love Island contestant Anton, 27, confessed to having a holiday orgy with four men and a woman – while on vacation with his parents.

The Scottish fitness guru told us: “I had an orgy once. It was four guys and one girl – it was her idea.”

He explained: “I was on holiday with my mum and dad. I went out with one of my mates in Lanzarote and my mate and I went down the strip and it was literally just us two because it was around Christmas time.

“One night, we met two other boys. Obviously, I had been away for a week and a half and I didn’t have any sex in that time so I was ready to go.”

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Anton said that they met a Danish woman who was happy to go along with the idea.

The former naked butler, who was previously in a relationship with Belle Hassan, admitted to cheating on every girl he has been with.

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