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A STUDY has revealed an unusual way to turn women on that you probably haven’t tried.

It turns out that looks, size or stamina are not as important as most people think in their quest for an amazing sex-life.

GettyA study has found the best way to turn your girlfriend on[/caption]

Instead, a Journal of Sex Research study suggested women are turned on by men who do the chores.

The research saw 299 Australian women aged 18 to 39 years answering an online questionnaire on relationships and dimensions of sexual desire.

Experts were particularly interested in how fairness in a relationship may impact a women’s libido.

Questions covered housework, who had more leisure time, and “mental load”.

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Mental load is a term covering the brain effort involved in running things like a household, family and work – and is often seen as being heavier on a woman.

The study found that women in equal relationships (in terms of housework and the mental load) are more satisfied.

In turn, they feel more desire to jump into bed than those in unequal relationships.

Psychologists Dr Simone Buzwell and Eva Johansen, who conducted the study, wrote in The Conversation: “A sense of fairness within a relationship is fundamental to all women’s satisfaction and sexual desire.”

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They said relationship dissatisfaction is a “top risk factor” for low sexual desire in women, alongside age and menopause.

But their research indicated relationship boredom is not a reason for a lower sex drive in women.

The sexperts said: “The longer some relationships continue, the more unfair they become, lowering women’s desire.

“This may be because women take on managing their partner’s relationships, as well as their own.”

The experts also discovered how a “fair” relationship did not automatically equate to a happy sex life.

Dr Buzwell and Johansen wrote: “We found children increased the workload for women, leading to lower relationship equity and consequently, lower sexual desire.

“Relationship length also played a role.

“Research shows long-term relationships are associated with decreasing desire for women, and this is often attributed to the tedium of over-familiarity.”

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In terms of same-sex couples, the research found that they generally had more equal relationships.

However, the study did find the same link between equity and desire for women in same-sex relationships – although it was much stronger for heterosexual couples.

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