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SOMETIMES we could do with a helping hand when it comes to breaking the ice or upping the ante in the bedroom.

Whether that’s trying out something completely new and out of your regular comfort zone, or finding out more about what your new partner likes, the best sex games are an under-utilised starting point.

Always wanted to know your partner’s sexual fantasy but haven’t had the confidence to ask? Pick up a pack of cards that host truths and dares to break any awkwardness and give a fun twist to intimate questions.

We’ve rounded up our favourite sex games from board games to cards, jenga to Twister so you can find one that suits you.

Best sex games at a glance:

  • Best sex game overall: Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Card Game
  • Best sex game for young couples: Chronicle Books Kinky Truth or Dare
  • Best long term sex game: 50 Nights of Naughtiness
  • Best sex board game: Lovehoney After Dark Board Game
  • Best sex game for playing with your partner: Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game
  • Best sex game for adventurous couples: Lovehoney Oh! Oral Sex Dice
  • Best sex game for kinky couples: Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginners Bondage Game
  • Best sex game with stripping: Hasbro Twister
  • Best jenga sex game: Jenga The Original Board Game
  • Best trivia: Size Matters Game
  • Best sex game for swingers: Truth Or Dare – Icebreaker Game for Swingers

1. Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Card Game

  • Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Card Game, £6.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

For a fun, flirty night in with your partner, get your hands on this pack of cards.

Shuffle the deck and pick out ten cards at random before taking it in turns to ask each other questions.

There’s nothing too risqué, with questions like “would you rather have sex in the bath or shower” which are flirty but not so X-rated that you or your partner will feel uncomfortable.

If you decide not to answer, then your partner can choose a forfeit from the pack or come up with one themselves.

It’s an easily portable, flirty game that you can pick up for under a tenner.

Best: Overall, Type of game: Card game, Game duration: 15 minutes


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2. Chronicle Books Kinky Truth or Dare

  • Chronicle Books Kinky Truth or Dare, £10.99 from Amazon – buy here

Everyone loves truth or dare. It’s a simple premise that allows you to get to know people better but it can get tricky when no one can think of any truths or dares.

This kinky truth or dare game stops that from happening. Just pull out one of the 50 sticks which have a truth on one side and a dare on the other and read the side that your partner chooses.

Be prepared for a pretty saucy game with this one – if you find questions about past relationships or dares asking your partner to get you hot and bothered then this one might not be for you.

But if you’re looking to really spice things up with your partner, then this little pot will do the trick.

Best: For young couples, Type of game: Truth or Dare, Game duration: 30 minutes

3. 50 Nights of Naughtiness

  • 50 Nights of Naughtiness, £15 from Ann Summers – buy here

This game is all about longevity. No, not like that, instead in the sense that you only read one of the 50 envelopes a night.

There’s no winner or prize with this, it’s more about ideas to spice things up in the bedroom or to explore more romantic endeavours on date night.

There are five lots of ten envelopes in the set ranging from white to black and each set focusses on varying levels of intensity. The white envelopes each have romantic suggestions, the pink ones are all about building anticipation, red is focussed on arousal, the scarlet envelopes suggest sensual and sexual activities and the black envelopes are tailored towards everything kinky.

This is fun and cheeky and allows you to decide on how sexual or emotional you want to be each time you open an envelope.

Best: Long term, Type of game: Date ideas, Game duration: one envelope a night

4. Lovehoney After Dark Board Game

  • Lovehoney After Dark Board Games, £32.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

This board game doesn’t hold back. Just like your regular board game, in theory, the aim of the game is to reach the finish first but realistically, it’s all about the journey.

There are 128 cards separated in to four categories: Talk Dirty, Oh I say!, You Said What? and Kinky Confessions which are the real fun of this game.

You can play this with up to four players, but the cards are revelations personal so keep that in mind before involving your friends. If you’d prefer to keep it to you and your partner, then this game could be a different kind of foreplay.

Best: Board game, Type of game: Board game, Game duration: 45 minutes

5. Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game

  • Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game, £32.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

Want to up the ante with your partner? Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game will do exactly that.

By moving around the board, responding to one of the 400 ideas each time you land on a square, you’ll reignite the sexual tension with your partner by focussing on communication and intimate conversations.

But the intensity of the conversation lies with you as there are three categories to choose from: intimate, passionate and steamy.

Plus, the game ends with a special surprise. The winner gets to choose one of the 50 sexual fantasies as their prize.

Best: For playing with your partner, Type of game: Board game, Game duration: 45 minutes

6. Lovehoney Oh! Oral Sex Dice

  • Lovehoney Oh! Oral Sex Dice, £5.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

There’s nothing more portable than dice and with these three colourful companions you’ll discover that you can do a lot more with your mouth than you knew.

The purple die tells you what to do, the blue die tells you where to do it and the red die tells you how long to do it for. Each time you roll each die, you’ll end up with a different combination meaning you can play this game over and over.

There isn’t a ‘winner’ as such with this one, but we’d argue that everyone’s a winner with this game.

Best: for adventurous couples, Type of game: Dice, Game duration: As long as you make it

7. Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginners Bondage Game

  • Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginners Bondage Game, £14.99 from Lovehoney – buy here

If you’ve always been titillated by bondage but haven’t felt confident enough to give it a real go, then this game might just be the perfect first step.

There’s a deck of 52 cards that give you ideas for what you can do during bondage which can be the trickiest part.

Flip a coin to see who will go first and then continue to play until you’ve both completed five cards.

This game also comes with a blindfold and silky restraints so if you don’t have any bondage accessories, these can start you off.

Best: For kinky couples, Type of game: Immersive card game, Game duration: 1 hour

8. Hasbro Twister

  • Hasbro Twister, £23.89 from Amazon – buy here

Okay, so we’ve all played Twister and it’s not necessarily one that you’d associate with sex. But, add in stripping and it becomes a little spicier.

Get involved with your partner or friends by playing Twister as you normally would. Each time someone falls, they have to remove an item of clothing.

To make it fair, everyone should be wearing the same amount of clothes and you can only remove your clothes by lifting one hand or foot from the Twister mat.

Best: For stripping, Type of game: Board game, Game duration: 40 minutes

9. Jenga The Original Board Game

  • Jenga The Original Board Game, £12 from Argos – buy here

This is a bit of a DIY job. All you need is a jenga set and a marker pen to get into sexy jenga.

It works by playing jenga as normal – pulling each block out of the tower until the tower falls over – except in this version, each block will have a truth or dare written on it.

Come up with your own ideas or find some good truth and dares online but whatever you opt for, this is a great way to find out more about your partner’s sexual preferences with a personalised twist.

Best: sexy jenga, Type of game: Jenga, Game duration: 20-30 minutes

10. Size Matters Game

  • Size Matters Game, £17 from Ann Summers – buy here

This is for those keen minds out there and is perfect for hen do’s or playing with friends.

This isn’t the kind of game that’s going to get you in the mood for a night of passion but it will test how much you know about sex.

Play by answering sex based trivia questions and each time you answer correctly, you add inches to your penis – hence the name of the game. Whoever ends up with the biggest penis wins.

Is it crude? Yes. Is it a lot of fun to play with your friends with some healthy competition? Absolutely.

Best: Trivia, Type of game: Board game, Game duration: 30 minutes

11. Truth or Dare: Icebreaker Game for Swingers

  • Truth or Dare: Icebreaker Game for Swingers, £7.28 from Amazon – buy here

This is a classic way to play truth or dare with a twist. It’s been designed for swingers.

By asking questions like ‘would you rather be dominated or be dominant?’ and giving dares like ‘use one of your sex toys on yourself for 60 seconds’, if you’re swinging, there’s no better way to break the ice.

If you’re not a swinger, but think this book sounds like fun, then there’s no reason why you can’t just use it with your partner.

Best: For swingers, Type of game: Book, Game duration: However long you decide

How to play a sex game

First and foremost, before embarking on any sex games, make sure that everyone involved fully consents. Never pressure anyone to take part in dares, challenges or truths that they’re not comfortable with and keep checking in to make sure everyone’s still okay.

Otherwise, just follow the rules of the games and have fun.

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