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BRITS are not built for heatwaves and any kind of exercise falls by the wayside – including sex.

Hot weather shouldn’t stop things heating up in the bedroom, let it inspire you instead to be more playful – here’s the best sex positions to try during a heatwave.

The best sex positions during a heatwave

Sex makes you hot and sweaty at the best of times, and that’s by no means a bad thing but when you’re already boiling you want to keep things cool.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid getting intimate with your partner, just get creative.

As a general rule of heatwaves, remember to drink plenty of water and have a nice cool shower before jumping into bed – with or without your partner.

GettyDon’t let the heat kill your sex life[/caption]

You can even play with ice cubes if you’re feeling a bit adventurous to help cool you down while things heat up.

While these positions are mainly aimed at straight couples, they can be adapted to suit everyone – just play around and have fun.



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Heatwave position

The heatwave position is great for hot days

This one, dubbed the heatwave position, is great if you have a desk or table around, which are cooler surfaces than beds, which you can perch on.

Unlike doggy style, your partner will be facing you making things more intimate and it apparently can help women reach climax faster.

Sit on the edge of a table and the lean back, placing your hands behind your back to support yourself.

With your partner standing facing, you rest one of your legs on their shoulder and bend your other one slightly which you can rest on their thigh.

Use their hands to support your bottom during intercourse while helping you to move them up and down.

Doggy style

A bedroom classic and couples favourite is doggy style and great news it is perfect for heatwaves.

Rather than being all tangled up, you and your partner will have space and an airflow around you.

Simply have one partner on all fours and the other behind, making sure you’re both comfortable.

If things really heat up, switch on a fan and aim it towards you to keep yourselves extra cool.

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Change up missionary with the Pretzel or Pretzel dip

For a move that requires almost no effort from one partner, the Pretzel can have big results.

Get your partner to straddle your left leg while you are lying down and wrap your other leg around them while they penetrate you.

For a non-penetrative version, try putting your leg on your partner’s right shoulder and gently grinding instead.

If you really wanna cool things down, lie on a cold tile floor for a refreshing sensation.

Super Soaker

Spice things up buy introducing sex toys into the bedroom, or should we say bathroom, with this bathtub position.

Get some waterproof toys – a trip to a store to choose things together can really help you learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Fill the tub with some cool water and both get in, one of you can drape your legs over the side of the bath for added sexiness.

This can also be done without toys but buying something new together introduces another layer of intimacy and kicks things up a notch.

Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising sex position lets you be intimate

This one is great if you’re in the mood but feeling to lazy for bedroom acrobatics.

Get your partner to sit with legs outstretched or crossed and lower yourself onto their penis (or strap) with your legs wrapped around their body.

Move slowly and enjoy the intimacy, this is minimal effort for those super hot days but still feels great.

While most heatwave positions focus on creating space around you both, this one relies on slow movement to keep you cool.


It might sound simple but this is a great time to improve your tongue technique as you can keep your distance.

Penetrative sex does not have to be the end goal of your sexual encounter and on super hot days, oral is a great way to satisfy needs without working up a sweat.

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The great thing about this is that you and your partner can be seated, lying or standing, keeping sweaty body parts to a minimum.

Take things slow and help guide your partner, this is a marathon not a sprint so enjoy pleasuring them or being pleasured by them – you might find this is enough in the 30 degree heat.

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