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WITH sunnier days upon us, we might be experiencing higher than usual serotonin levels, which naturally makes us want to romp at any given moment.

But while sex might be on the mind of randy couples everywhere, becoming a sweltering mess is the last thing we want.

GettyTry these sex positions during summer which will help you stay cool[/caption]

Thankfully, there are simple ways to achieve maximum pleasure while remaining cool, and it doesn’t mean sacrificing your orgasm either (thank goodness).

“When it comes to keeping cool during summer sex, opt for sex positions which either minimise skin contact or opt for those that are lower intensity,” Robert Davies, relationship expert at Condoms.uk, told Fabulous.

Offering his tips Robert said it’s important to stay hydrated, so drink lots of water before, during and after your raunchy affair.

“You could also use an air purifier or fan in the bedroom or explore shower sex,” he said.

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“Whatever you decide, be safe while you enjoy a summer of love,” he said.

Here, Fabulous reveals five must-try sex positions that are ideal for hotter weather.


Ok, so it’s not entirely new, but it doesn’t have to be because doggy style is an ideal position for summer.

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This is because there’s minimal body contact, Robert explained, which means getting off will be a breeze.

He said: “As there is minimal skin contact in this position and you are facing away from each other, it can help to keep you cooler than other positions (which include closer proximity or increased skin contact).”


“Standing sex involves both partners standing upright with the man entering the woman from behind,” Robert explained.

Because of this, it can help keep both parties stay cool as they’re facing away from one another.

Just like the popular doggy style position, standing involves rear-entry which means there’s minimal skin contact.

So say bye-bye to that hot, sweaty mess and hello to full-blown pleasure.

Tips to stay cool while having hot sex

Hot tips from Robert Davies, relationship expert at Condoms.uk

  1. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water
  2. Use an air purifier or fan in the bedroom
  3. Explore shower sex
  4. Experiment with temperature play, where you can play with cooled sex toys and even ice (placing lubricant in the fridge can help make it cooler or trick the body with cooling lubes which fool the nerve endings into thinking something cold has been place over them)
  5. Use breath to add different temperature sensations to your partner’s body (Experiment with blowing over their body with your lips in different formations, you’ll find that some will feel cooler, and others will feel hotter)


Yep, you guessed it, another rear-entry position, are you starting to see the trend?

Robert said: “Spooning mimics the way that two spoons may be positioned side by side (with bowls aligned).

“As well as having minimal skin contact and facing away from each other, this position also requires minimal effort which helps to keep you cool (compared to other positions which exert more energy).”

Oral sex

If even the simplest of moves has your head in a whirl you can skip the penetration and try oral sex instead.

“Oral sex can be a great alternative to penetrative intercourse whilst providing pleasure for your partner, ” Robert said.

It involves very little movement (or effort) but the orgasm will be no less intense – what more could you ask for?

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Mutual masturbation

To avoid skin contact altogether, mutual masturbation with self-stimulation is the answer.

“This allows both people to achieve maximum pleasure whilst still providing an intimate moment with their partner,” Robert explained.

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