Hunter Biden video sees him smoking ‘crack’ in shower during sex spree with prostitutes who call him ‘future baby daddy’ Comments Off on Hunter Biden video sees him smoking ‘crack’ in shower during sex spree with prostitutes who call him ‘future baby daddy’ 317

HUNTER Biden was filmed smoking drugs in the shower with two hookers who called him their “future baby daddy”.

Exclusive footage obtained by The Sun shows President Biden’s son looking wild-eyed as he takes a hit from what appears to be a crack pipe. 

Hunter Biden looking wild-eyed as he smokes from what appears to be a crack pipe while in the shower Hunter made an appearance on the White House balcony on July 4 this yearAlamy Live News A prostitute Hunter had at least three threesomes with lights his crack pipe

The video was shot at a rental property as Hunter, 52, was receiving treatment to try to get sober in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  

It was one of at least three times Hunter had three-way sex with the two women from California in November and December 2018. 

One of the women had just turned 24 and the other was 25 when the shower video was shot. 

In one text to Hunter, the older of the two referred to the younger one – who is also a year younger than Hunter’s eldest daughter Naomi by almost a year – as his “child bride”.

Following their third and final marathon sex session, one of the women begged Hunter to ask his dad for money to fly them home. 

The President, 79, had sent his son $75k just nine days before the shower footage was filmed to help pay for Hunter’s treatment.  

In the video, the two call girls enter the bathroom and can be heard saying: “This is our future baby daddy… naughty whores.” 

They approach the shower where Hunter can be seen standing completely naked under the running water.  

One of the prostitutes tells Hunter: “Is that a big c*** I see peeking through?”

Hunter then has a crack pipe put in his mouth and, as he tells the women “The other hand goes here” and points to his groin, they start touching him sexually.  

One then lights the crack pipe for a grinning Hunter to take a hit. 

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The debauched tryst was found on a bombshell Apple iPhone backup Hunter had on his infamous “laptop from hell”.

The videos and other proof were handed to The Sun by Marco Polo, an organization run by a former Trump White House staffer which is investigating Hunter’s laptop. 

It comes after the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre this week refused to answer questions about a voicemail found on the laptop which Joe left Hunter in 2018.

The voicemail – in which the president referred to a New York Times article about Hunter’s business dealings – potentially undermines Joe’s previous claim that he never discussed foreign business deals with his son.

The backup data shows a first meet up between Hunter and the two women took place in early November 2018 at The Darcy hotel in Washington DC.

During that encounter Hunter also filmed himself having sex with them in the shower.

Over a month after the threesome at The Darcy, Hunter paid $393 for Amtrak tickets to get the pair plus a third woman from Boston, Mass. to New York’s Penn Station on December 13.

He was staying at The Roxy luxury boutique hotel in Lower Manhattan and met with the women there.

There is no evidence they had sex on that occasion.

Text messages on Hunter’s iPhone suggest that on the following day — December 14 — Hunter may have taken the three women back across state lines to head back to Massachusetts.

If true, it could have potentially violated the Mann Act, a federal law which forbids interstate transport of women or girls for the purpose of prostitution. 

Last week late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s madame Ghislaine Maxwell and R&B star R Kelly were respectively sentenced to 20 and 30 years in jail after being convicted of breaking that law.

Experts told The Sun that the evidence on the backup could have left the son of a sitting president vulnerable to blackmail.

Campbell Murray, a former global head of cybersecurity for smartphone brand BlackBerry, told The Sun: “If a backup is decrypted and contains compromising, unsavory or even illegal material, the implication is that as the son of a sitting president, that is a huge amount of leverage over that individual. 

“Anyone who obtained that material could say to them ‘I will show the world what you’ve been doing or what you’ve been storing on your phone.’

“If that material gets into the hands of any nation state actor, foreign intelligence service or anybody with a desire to create leverage against a political party or movement, that would be a huge card for them to play.”

The video of Hunter smoking crack in the shower with the women was filmed in the early hours of December 15 at a rental property in the Plum Island area of Newburyport. 

Hunter appears bleary-eyed in the footage shot in December 2018 GettyHunter poses at an event in Washington DC in April 2016[/caption] The footage was shot in Newburyport, Massachusetts, while Hunter tried to detox

As exclusively reported by The Sun on Wednesday, Hunter had been staying in the area on and off to receive treatment from now disgraced psychiatrist Keith Ablow.

On December 16, Hunter told Ablow via text that he had “been on calls with Dad most of day”. 

He added: “Talking what’s next with political team. Slot of polls that are way outside the norm for anyone in the last 20 years of presidential politics.” 

Then on December 17, Hunter and the two women were filmed having another threesome by the third woman who had also traveled from New York.

The lurid sex videos were filmed at a cottage owned by Ablow near his offices which Hunter had decamped to from the rental. 

The women appear to have stayed there until December 19 when they desperately asked for Hunter to fly them back home.

The older of the pair left him several voicemails and said she was at “breaking point” because she wanted to leave.

In one she told Hunter: “We want to go home now. 

“I understand you didn’t have money, but you did tell me you was gonna have the money someway somehow. 

“And at this point I don’t even give a f*** about the money. Keep it. I don’t care. Just call people. 

“I know you know a million people. Call somebody that can give you a hand, like to fly us back home. That’s all I want. 

“Ask your dad, be like, ‘Hey, can you help me out? I have three friends stuck in my cottage that need to go home. I got no money.’ 

“Just help me go home, please.”


Three days after that voicemail the women appear to have left and Hunter was free to take another woman to the cottage. 

This time he slept with a part-time model and waitress from Texas who took selfies kissing a naked Hunter in bed.  

She sent him a request on mobile payment service Venmo for $1,000 the day after Christmas with a message which read “Owe me”.

This angered Hunter, who texted her: “Never promised you a f****** thing. 

“I hate every single person including you’re (sic) needy bulls*** lying self. 

“You say I lie. Check yourself next time you go through everything I own.”

There is no evidence to suggest that Hunter paid the woman.  

Hunter remained in touch with at least one other hooker during the period he was having threesomes with the women from California. 

On December 5, Hunter sent a pic of himself being given ketamine intravenously as part of his treatment to another prostitute he eventually ended spending at least $18k on.

That message was sent between begging for and receiving confirmation that he would get the $75k from his dad Joe to pay for his treatment with Ablow. 

In the New Year as he again tried to get clean in Newburyport, the older of the two prostitutes from California got back in touch with Hunter.

Sending him a pic of the younger one posing for a selfie, she wrote: “Your child bride is having a tough year.” 

She continued to text Hunter into February 2019 but he had stopped replying. 

In one message she wrote to him: “I look up to u! Without u idk were I b. U elevated my mind to want more for myself.”

Two minutes later she wrote to him again to say: “You are the first person I ever truly love and that’s a forever just give me a few years until I’m rich and I’ll take care of you so u can run away.
“Where ever it’ll make u happy.” 

She also told him that his “body and soul are priceless”.

When asked for comment, Hunter’s lawyer Christopher J. Clark said: “The Mann Act, seriously, you guys really are ridiculous.”

Hunter leans in to take a hit from the crack pipe The president’s son filmed himself smoking drugs again at a float tank in Newburyport the following month Getty – ContributorHunter poses with his dad Joe in Washington DC in April 2016[/caption]

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