What your man’s orgasm says about their personality – and how confidence in the bedroom isn’t all good 0 160

PERSONALITIES differ, and in a couple, it’s more than likely you have different traits.

These can vary from being shy, loud, out going or even just plain old boring.

GettyExperts in Hungary have revealed what your man’s orgasm reveals about their personality[/caption]

But medics have now revealed that your man’s orgasm could speak volumes when it comes to the type of person they are.

Experts in Budapest, Hungary, found that confidence in the bedroom isn’t actually all it’s cracked up to be.

Researchers found that men who are more prone to premature ejaculation are more likely to be sexual narcissists.

A sexual narcissist is a person who is usually only out to please themselves during sex.

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They might also have an over inflated and unrealistic idea about their own prowess in the bedroom.

The medics said that men who have this feature are strongly pleasure driven and only really care about their own orgasm.

Around 1,297 men between the ages of 18-85 were quizzed for the study.

They were asked to agree or disagree with statements related to sex, including whose pleasure is most important and if they like to be the one in charge.

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Men with sexual narcissism were most likely to masturbate more often and have a greater interest in sex.

Professor David L Rowland at Valparaiso University author of the study said various personality traits and disorders, such as narcissism, have been associated with sexual response and satisfaction.

He added: “Our research reiterates the negative impact that narcissism has on relationship satisfaction, but adds new perspective on how this personality characteristic may also affect a man’s sexual response during partnered sex.”

Writing in the journal, Sexual and Relationship Therapy, Prof Rowland added: “They are also more prone to rapid ejaculation (presumably early in a sexual relationship) and to difficulty reaching ejaculation (presumably as relationship novelty wanes).”

They also found that men who struggle to reach orgasm are more likely to be sexual narcissists.

These individuals also showed higher levels of autoerotic orientation.

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This refers to people who get sexual gratification through their own body.

However, Prof Rowland highlighted that narcissism isn’t the only cause and other factors not assessed in the study could be responsible.

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