My daughter, 9, was taught a new word in sex education – now it’s all she says, I can’t cope 0 161

 A TORMENTED Scots mum told how her daughter’s first sex education class went badly wrong – because she won’t stop saying “vulva”.

Fed-up Michelle revealed the nine-year-old was taught about her body parts at school.

Michelle revealed her daughter keeps saying the same word over and over Michelle said she’s stopped laughing about the word she keeps hearing

But that one word really hit home with her and she finds it so funny that she’s tortured her family with it ever since.

End-of-her tether Michelle even had to send the youngster to her room to get some peace.

She said: “So to the sex education team that came in to teach my nine-year-old about the body parts, about her anatomy. Thanks. 

“Because for the last two days all I have heard is ‘vulva’. ‘Isn’t vulva a funny word?’ 

“Still. Two days. ‘Do you know I’ve got a vulva?’.”

In a hilarious confessional video Michelle told how even visitors to the house have been bombarded with the youngster’s favourite new word.

She said: “She’s in her sister’s room. Her sister has pals in. I’ve sent her up the stairs. 

“I’m like I can’t listen to this any longer. I don’t want to talk about it.”

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The mum rolls her eyes during her funny TikTok clip as she opens up about her ongoing nightmare.

And you can even hear the kid shouting the word in the background as her mum pleads for some respite from it.

Michelle says she would have been quite happy for her girl to not get sex education if it meant not going through her ordeal.

She said: “I figured it out for myself. I’m more than happy for her to figure it out for herself. 

“Oh for the love of God. Vulvas in school.”

And she ends the video sharpish as she can hear her daughter walking towards her.

Michelle said: “Oh she’s coming back, she’s coming back.”

The mum was backed by other parents who said they’re tackling similar problems.

She was urged to complain to the school but rejected that idea.

Michelle said: “Wouldn’t kick up a fuss but jeez. It’s a tough one to take.

“Laughed at first. Now I’m like ‘enough’.”

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