I’m a sexpert – why you should ALWAYS avoid these colours in your bedroom and why furniture placement is vital 0 179

YOU’D PROBABLY be less up for some sexy time if you’re staying in your nan’s floral spare room than you would a lush hotel.

That’s because whether you’ve thought about it or not, where you sleep drastically affects your sex life.

The style of your bedroom can directly affect your sex life, this sexpert says

But it turns out there’s much more to it than that, in fact everything you keep in your room can impact it, down to the pictures on your bedside table.

Sexpert and taboo buster Jess Wilde spoke to Fabulous and revealed how the furniture your room and even colour of your walls can help spice things up.

“There are specific colours that can really help to assist your sex life and in the same vein there are some colours that can get in the way,” she explained.

“The classic colours that we hear all time time that are associated with passion and sex are red and pink.”

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But if you don’t like red and don’t want your bedroom to look like it belongs to a Disney princess, dark purple or black can be good options.

“A lot of people are scared of going for dark colours in decorating in general, but it can be a great way of making a space feel cosy and a setting a mood and a tone,” sexpert Jess said.

When you paint your bedroom or put up fancy wallpaper sex might not be the first thing on your mind, decorating is stressful after all.

But regardless of interior trends or what colours match your furniture, some colours are always a no go for the bedroom.

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Jess revealed: “Colours to avoid would be grey and green, both of these colours are associated with a less active sex life.

“Green in particular is more associated with relaxation, so whilst it might be great for adding to sleep, it may not necessarily be great for initiating feelings of sexiness.”

Once the colour of your bedroom has been dealt with it’s important to tackle any mess, that means don’t leave any dirty laundry on the floor.

Jess says “a cluttered, messy bedroom is not conducive to a positive sex life.

“Not only does it get in the way and somewhat ruin the mood but also there is study that cam out from UCLA which showed women who have a messier bedrooms have higher levels of cortisol,” she explained.

I’m not completely against having tech in your bedroom, just make sure that you use it mindfully when it comes to improving your sex life.

Jess WildeSexpert

Cortisol is a hormone that’s associated with feelings of anxiety and stress, “which are all the absolute opposite of feeling sexy and aroused and in the mood for sex,” Jess says.

And If you’ve fought with your partner over having a tv in the bedroom , you’re not alone.

The argument of whether you should keep a tv in your room has been going on for decades.

But contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for your sex life, unless of course you slob out watching reality tv all day, leaving no time for any sex.

“I do think that your bedroom shouldn’t be a space that’s predominantly used for watching tv,” The sexpert confessed.

But according to the pro, eager couples or singletons can make the most of the tv in their bedroom by watching something that gets them in the mood.

“That can obviously be something as direct as porn, but it doesn’t have to be, It could be a movie that you love that has got a really spicy sex scene in it and whenever you put it on it gets you feeling frisky.

“So, I’m not completely against having tech in your bedroom, just make sure that you use it mindfully when it comes to improving your sex life.”

When it comes to the furniture in your room, it can be as sexy as you want it to be.

You don’t have to go full on 50 Shades of Grey and hang a bunch of whips up next to your work uniform, it’s all about the power of association.

Jess says that by keeping sex toys and sexy accessories in your bedside table “whenever you see that top drawer you think, ‘oh I know what’s in there’ and it gets the ball rolling.”

She continued: “Having that ease of access is really important, “it puts sex as a priority in your mind, and that’s the first place to make sure that you’re having an active sex life, If sex isn’t active in your mind it wont be active in your life.”

Think twice about the photos you keep in your bedroom as well, Jess said: “I don’t know about you but I don’t particularly want to look at a picture of a close family member on my bedside table when I’m getting down to business.”

The position of your furniture can impact your sex life too.

“Not only does this have practical implication,” she explained, “if your bed is in a good place in the bedroom where you’ve got lots of ability to experiment – on the bed, off the bed, against the bed – it will also keep sex as a priority in your mind.”

If you move into a home with your partner, considering the layout of the bedroom is something that’s overlooked in terms of sex.

“If you know when you set the layout of your bedroom you had sex on your mind, it wasn’t just sleep, or where you put your clothes.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly want to look at a picture of a close family member on my bedside table when I’m getting down to business

Jess WildeSexpert

“It means it is priority in your mind and reminds you and your partner that sex is important to both of you and to your relationship,” Jess said.

And most importantly, if you can put the head of your bed against a wall that isn’t shared with anyone else.

“It doesn’t keep it terribly discrete for the other people in your house and it’s going to take you out of the moment,” she explained.

Having other furniture in your room which you can utilise for sex is a great thing to add to your bedroom, this could be chair “that can be a great alternative piece of furniture for having sex, or against, or maybe giving your partner a show.”

You probably already have a mirror of some sort in your bedroom, but you can reconsider the placement of the mirror to spice things up.

“For other people that don’t want to see themselves, it’s equally important to think about where that mirror goes,” accoring to the sex guru.

“You might be a couple that doesn’t want to see yourselves having sex and that would put you off, if that’s the case then of course do the opposite.”

If you live with other people, no matter what, lock the door.

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The sex pro explained: “Just knowing there’s a lock on the door and nobody could, even if you think they wouldn’t accidentally walk into the bedroom.

“It enables your mind to be completely engaged on the moment at hand and to maximise on your pleasure.”

Jess WildeJess says your bedroom can make a massive difference to your sex life[/caption] GettyHaving an active sex life is all about keeping it in the forefront of your mind[/caption]

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Porn and Mental Health: The Challenges and Strategies for Coping in the Industry 0 178

Pornography is a billion-dollar industry that has gained widespread popularity across the globe. However, while it may be a source of entertainment for some, the industry can be challenging for performers’ mental health. The pressure to perform and meet the expectations of producers and viewers can take a toll on performers’ mental wellbeing. In this article, we’ll explore the challenges that the porn industry poses to mental health and strategies for coping with them.

The Challenges

  1. Stigma and Shame

The porn industry is still stigmatized, and performers can face a lot of shame and judgment from society. This can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety, making it difficult for performers to seek help and support when needed.

  1. Pressure to Perform

Performers in the porn industry are expected to meet certain expectations and perform at their best every time. This pressure can be overwhelming and can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

  1. Isolation and Loneliness

Performing in the porn industry can be a lonely experience, with performers spending long hours on set or on their own, away from friends and family. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can take a toll on mental health.

  1. Trauma and Abuse

The porn industry is not immune to issues such as sexual harassment, assault, and exploitation. Performers may experience these traumatic events, leading to conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

Strategies for Coping

Seek Professional Help

Performers in the porn industry should seek professional help and support when they need it. There are many therapists and counselors who specialize in working with performers in the industry and can help with issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is crucial for performers in the porn industry. Taking breaks when needed, exercising, and practicing mindfulness and meditation can help performers manage stress and promote mental wellbeing.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Having a supportive network of friends, family, and colleagues can make a big difference in performers’ mental health. Surrounding yourself with people who understand the challenges of the industry and offer non-judgmental support can help performers cope with the stresses of the job.

Address Trauma and Abuse

Performers who have experienced trauma and abuse in the industry should seek support and address these issues head-on. This may involve therapy, reporting incidents to the authorities, and taking legal action if necessary.


The porn industry poses significant challenges to performers’ mental health, from stigma and shame to pressure to perform and trauma and abuse. However, with the right strategies, performers can cope with these challenges and maintain good mental wellbeing. Seeking professional help, practicing self-care, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and addressing trauma and abuse are just a few strategies that can help performers in the porn industry maintain good mental health.

Navigating Consent and Boundaries in the Porn Industry: A Guide for Newcomers 0 165

Consent and boundaries are crucial aspects of the porn industry, and it’s essential for newcomers to understand how to navigate these issues. In this article, we’ll provide a guide for those who are new to the industry on how to approach consent and boundaries in a professional and respectful manner.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that consent is always required in the porn industry. This means that every actor must give explicit and enthusiastic consent to any sexual act that is portrayed on camera. Consent can be given verbally or non-verbally, but it must always be clear and enthusiastic.

In order to ensure that consent is obtained, communication is key. Actors should have open and honest conversations with their scene partners and the director prior to filming. They should discuss what they are comfortable with and what their boundaries are, as well as any specific instructions or concerns.

It’s also important for actors to feel empowered to set their own boundaries and to speak up if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe during filming. This means that if an actor does not want to perform a particular act or if they feel that their boundaries are being pushed, they have the right to stop the scene and speak to the director about their concerns.

It’s also essential for actors to be aware of their own physical and emotional limits. This means that they should take breaks as needed, communicate with their scene partner and director about any discomfort or pain, and engage in self-care practices to ensure that they are physically and emotionally prepared for the demands of the job.

Finally, it’s important for actors to have a support system in place. This can include talking to other actors who have experience in the industry, seeking out counseling or therapy, and having trusted friends and family members who can provide emotional support.

Navigating consent and boundaries in the porn industry can be challenging, but it’s an essential part of maintaining a safe and respectful work environment. By following these guidelines, newcomers to the industry can ensure that they are approaching these issues in a professional and responsible manner.

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