I tried to seduce boyfriend but was mortified when his dad walked through the door 0 216

A WOMAN has revealed her most embarrassing moment after an attempt to seduce a man went horribly wrong.

Emma Cassidy, from Cumbernauld, was in her partner’s bed when she decided to be spontaneous and give him a sultry surprise.

It was a mortifying moment Those commenting suffered second hand embarrassment The video was a huge success on TikTok

However, she ended up speechless when her provocative plan backfired spectacularly.

The 22-year-old, who has nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok, had her fans in stitches when she explained how everything went pear-shaped.

Emma said: “I was at a guys house and he was down getting me a glass of water. 

“And I was like, ‘let’s surprise him and get naked for when he comes back up.’

“Not fully naked, just into underwear. 

“So I’m sitting there on the bed waiting, trying to be all cute ready for him coming back in.”

But this is when the story takes an unexpected and embarrassing turn.

She added: “His dad walks in the room ready to speak to him 

“I’m thinking it’s him.

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“Mortified isn’t the word.

“I put my clothes on quicker than I got them off.”

The comments featured thousands of people who cringed at the idea such a thing could happen.

One said: “I would have been out the window quicker than I took them off.”

Another added: “This has made me feel a lot better about my embarrassing moments.”

While someone quipped: “I have second hand embarrassment.”

Meanwhile, a Scots mum has revealed the ‘red flag’ comment that she claims puts women off when dating a new man.

Kerri Roma, better known as roma_0490 on TikTok, revealed the comment which she believes should raise alarm bells to her 225,000 followers and it quickly became apparent many others echoed her thoughts.

The mum was discussing the dating scene when she tackled the awkward topic of people bringing up their ex partners.

But there was one common issue where she believed men were falling short of women’s standards.

She said: “Tip for the lads, and this one is a personal pet hate.

“So if you do it, f***ing stop.

“When you’re talking to a lassie and then you decide to bring up your ex – which is fine – crack on a talk about your ex all you like.

“But when you turn round and say she was a psycho, tell me more about that. Please tell me more about how you openly chose to date a psycho.

“They say ‘well, she wasn’t like that when I got with her’.

“She just turned into a nutcase did she?

“Or has what you’ve been doing or what you’ve been saying or how you’ve been making her feel turned her into a nutcase?

“Or even better, has it just made her say something to you and you didn’t like what she said so she’s automatically a psycho?

“So lads, don’t say it to a lassie because it has the opposite effect to what you probably think it has.

“Instead of us going ‘oh my god, she was a psycho, we’ll go ‘oh my god, you’re a f***ing d**k’.”

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