I love having sex THREE times a day – but I have strict rules about what my men can and can’t do, reveals Daisy Lowe 0 203

SHE’S posed nude for Playboy, donned billboards in racy lingerie and dazzled on Strictly Come Dancing, but Daisy Lowe’s ultimate thrill takes place in the bedroom.

The model with the killer curves has revealed she’s “happiest” when she’s having sex “two or three times a day” and admits she even schedules romps in her diary.

Daisy Lowe has opened up about her sex lifeTriumph Agent ProvocateurShe likes to do it ‘two or three times a day’ if possible[/caption] Camera PressThe stunning model says orgasms are good for stress relief[/caption]

Daisy also opened up about her biggest turn ons, as well as turn offs, in her sauciest ever interview in which she offers tips on how to get in the mood for intimacy.

Daisy says: “I always knew good sex made me feel a lot better – orgasms are so good for stress reliving.

“I’m definitely happiest at least a few times a week, like every other day.

“On a great day, two or three times a day if that’s where it gets to.”

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So when does the stunning model feel “sexiest”, sparking her desire to have sex?

“I always feel sexist when I’ve showered and washed my hair, there’s something about cleanliness that makes me feel very sexy,” Daisy explains.

“Then sometimes a new set of Agent Provocateur sexy lingerie is fantastic.

“But on the other side of the spectrum, I love a comfy white T-shirt and big knickers. I’m like ‘I feel comfortable and I’m really excited about being intimate.’”

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And there are some unusual triggers that get her in the mood, which will be particularly satisfying for driving instructors to hear.

Daisy says: “A good driver is a big turn on for sure.

“And also I think watching my boyfriend help someone, that’s gorgeous.

“I’m like ‘gosh, I can’t wait to rip your clothes off.’”

She has been dating property developer Jordan Saul, 28, since 2020, having met on a random dog walk in London’s Hampstead Heath.

Daisy has previously had high-profile romances with actor Matt Smith, DJ Mark Ronson, singer Jack Penate and former One Direction star Harry Styles,

But Jordan should be aware their relationship has the potential to go downhill fast if he ever develops any of Daisy’s biggest “icks”.

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Talking about turn offs, Daisy says: “It’s very basic but brush your teeth and have a shower.

“If there’s bad smells, it’s just the straight way to turn me off.

“I’m like ‘oh god, get me away from here. It’s not happening.’

“And flip flops. If anyone is wearing flip flops, in general, they make me feel sick and repulsive.

“If it’s on the beach fair enough, it’s hot you need to air your feet, but in London, particularly on the Tube, eurgh, I cannot cope.”

Benjamin KanarekThe brunette beauty gave away her turn-offs[/caption] BBC HandoutDaisy with her Strictly dance partner Aljaz Skorjanec[/caption] Daisy with pop star Harry Styles daisylowe/InstagramDaisy also opened up about her turn ons and turn offs[/caption] Refer to CaptionThe star loves to wear a new set of lingerie or a white T-shirt and big knickers to feel sexy[/caption] The model hates it if a partner doesn’t shower or smell nice and also dislikes men wearing flip flopsGetty

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