Woman baffled after finding bizarre pot in her man’s bedside drawer… & people say it’s the return of ‘the penis beaker’ 0 183

A WOMAN was left baffled after discovering a bizarre pot in her boyfriend’s bedside drawer – and was horrified when people revealed what it really is.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained that while she and her partner live in separate houses she stays over twice a week and made the discovery while looking for the hairdryer.

MumsnetThe woman was left baffled after discovering a strange pot in her boyfriend’s bedside table[/caption]

She wrote: “It’s a water bottle cut in half with silicone round the top. I’ve popped a vape pen in to give you an idea of size. 

“It also has some very very short hairs on the silicone.”

She explained that she hadn’t yet asked her boyfriend about the item, but says that he spends most nights masturbating due to his erectile dysfunction.

“Is this some sort of cock ring? Or penis beaker?” she added.

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The recently resurfaced post received hundreds of replies, with people left ‘feeling sick’ over her discovery.

Commenting, one wrote: “Good lord. On the one hand I sort of grudgingly admire his diy ingenuity. On the other hand 🤢

“Wow. Just. Wow,” added another, while a third wrote, “Oh God, WTF?!?! Antibac your vape immediately.”

This is not the first time that a “penis beaker” has made its way onto a Mumsnet thread.

In 2013 one user admitted she had dedicated a post-sex clean-up area on the bedside table.

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She wrote: “A box of tissues, a small bin and a beaker of clean water for temporary cleaning/ dunking while the bathroom is occupied by me.”

Fellow users were quick to tell the mum this was indeed not the done thing and suggested her husband just wait to use the bathroom.

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